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Replacement temperature guage

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The door mounted temperature gauge on my Masterbuilt 40" Propane fired smoker is off by close to 40+ F.

I want to replace if with a new gauge and NOT reply on my digital temperature gauges when NOT smoking anything.


What replacement gauge do you recommend? I have considered Tel-Tru but have not found one with a 50 F starting temp going past 250. I am hoping for a gauge that is calibratable. The current gauge has what appears to be a 3/4" threaded mount w/hex nut holding it in place.


Anyone have an idea for a replacement of the existing gauge?......


Update 5/11/14........Bought a TelTru gauge and also a ET-372 digital, dual probe unit. No longer relying on door temp gauge other than to tell me the unit is heating.

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I sniffed around a bit Teltru seems to offer one with a temp range of 50-550 degrees with a 4" stem. SKU 35110468 (263). Did note they charge extra for mounting ring.


BBQ guys has one also.


Here is a good read http://amazingribs.com/BBQ_buyers_guide/thermometer_buying_guide.html


Hope this helps.



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I quit relying on the door temp gauge all together and have since gone to using two digital temp controllers which have worked out just great. All meats (shoulders, brisket, bacon and sausages) have turned out great. Following the digital gauges and watching over the smoker has really made a difference in the end product. Except for cost, if I were building a smoker from scratch, I would completely eliminate the door gauges all together and add in the digital controls, there is no comparison.


My next task is to add one additional air vent damper.

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