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Gas Grill Proper Cooking Zone Setup

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Hey all!


First time poster. I have been wondering something for months now and thought it was time I get a (Hopefully) definitive answer.


Around August of last year, I got a new BBQ, a Weber Spirit E-210. It's my first Weber and definitely a step up from my previous Grill, which barely lasted 2 years.


My question is about how to properly set up a cook zone for direct cooking. Now, when I pre-heat, I always use all my burners, which on the spirit is 2 burners. But then when I actually cook, I almost always use only one side of the grill since I am only cooking for my wife and I. When doing direct heat cooking on only one side of the grill, do I need to/should I be leaving the burner on the opposite side on as well?


Thank you!

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