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MOVED: New Yorker Invents The World's Most Afforable Pizza Oven- l

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Hello BBQ Lovers,

My name is Facundo Silva and I wanted to tell everyone my story. I am a New Yorker who loves too BBQ & make pizza, I have been grilling and making pizza with my mother since I was 6-7 Y.o and I have never lost the passion to do so. Around 3 years ago I was in my backyard making pizza on my BBQ grill on a pizza stone and realized that every time I opened the BBQ Lid the Radiant heat would escape making the cooking process longer and you would not get that crispy crust you get at the pizzeria even though you are cooking on a pizza stone. Long story short fast forward 1 year later I started developing A portable Pizza Oven and I did this for over 1 1/2 years. I to create things and work with my hands so this was a great project for me. It took me a long time sure! but after 10-12 prototypes I had the finished product which cooks at approx. 550-800 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the outside temperature and your heat source and the Lids atmosphere is always 20-35 degrees warmer then the pizza stone making a great quality pizza comparable to a real brick oven!! I launched my business on kickstarter this week and after 2 days I sold 30 ovens and was doing great and then all of a sudden kickstarter put me on the last pages and my sales went down drastically.

This is why I cam here to showcase my new invention to people who actually would appreciate my oven. Please take a look at my campaign and you will understand why I am so excited about this project. Share this video on facebook and tell a friend and if you like our project show your support by making a pledge. It is the most affordable portable pizza oven ever made and were giving them away on kickstarter for ONLY $49








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