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Here is my major BBQ project

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Better late than never I guess. Here are 60ish photos from my big island. I started researching the island 8 years and 1 house ago.


In 2006 We purchased our current house as a repo. There was literally nothing but dirt and 2 half dead palm trees in the entire backyard (and only 1 tree actually survived).


As we completed our pool and yard it was finally time to build the BBQ island. I originally planned to do most of the construction myself, but that didn't happen. My wife wanted it done and I was not 100% sure I could do it. It just happens that one of our neighbors does store build outs, so I hired him to build the frame. I hired another company to do the stucco and I hired a third to install the fabricate the granite.


I can't find all of my photos or my video. If I do I will post a couple more.


We put trex under the entire perimeter of the island to prevent any water from wicking up into the DuraRock.


The raised bar is reinforced with 6-8 "L"s formed with 1/4" steel plates bolted together. I bolted these to the inside of the studs. I have not jumped on top of the bar, but it does not move.


I don't have a total cost (and I am a little scared to actually add it up), but I would estimate about $18,000.


And I still need to figure out a cover. I was originally going to install a Palapa, but now I am leaning toward something industrial looking. Let me know if you have any ideas. The cover will also need to be HUGE (about 20'x30' with about 5 supports).


Here is a link to the album: http://s196.photobucket.com/user/Nightmare_pics_999/library/BBQ?sort=9&page=1


Here are a couple pics



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Nice project! I love the time lapse, the camera must have been a stationary mounted to the house?

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I put a Canon digital camera on a tripod for the time lapse. The camera was running a special program (CHDK) that I set to take a photo every 12 seconds. I then stitched all the photos into the HD video. I have several of them on my YouTube page.


Here are the guys doing the rebar for the pool.


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