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outdoor kitchen design - how much space between storage/appliances com

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hi all -

i am building an L-shaped outdoor kitchen in a 11'x10' space. planning what to put in (e.g., grill, sink, refrigerator, storage, etc.). trying to squeeze in as much as possible!

are there any guidelines on how much space i should allow between components?

for example:

  • How much space between the grill and side burner? should i butt them together or leave space of say 3"-6"?
  • For drawers/access doors, how many inches off the ground should i place them? cutouts 3" above the ground enough?
  • For other things (e.g., drawers, sinks, refrigerator, etc.), if I allow for ~6", should that be sufficient?

Was looking around, I could not find any guidance on this topic. Thanks for any help or guidance!

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