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Help picking a new built in Grill

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EDIT: I just realized I put this in the wrong header, please bump it to the appropriate section :/ Mistake on my first post, ughhh.


I am looking to upgrade my grill for the first time ever!!!! We are redoing our patio, and a built in made the cut. However, I can't decide what grill to get. I'm coming from a Weber Summit line (I think it's like 24") cart grill.

Things that matter to me:

Durability: I want this to last, with minimal repairs required. SS is required. SS grates is required.

Size: I really want something in the 40" range. Its typically going to be too big, but I want the capability for bigger occasions.

Heat: I want the capability for low heat (low and slow) and high heat (not much time for cooking). I also really desire a sear station. I love the idea of 600-800 degrees in a matter of minutes.

Budget: I pretty much put my limit at $1500 (give or take), unless for some reason there is some huge positive for spending more then we can reevaluate.

After searching for countless reviews and videos, here is what I have found so far:

Blaze 5 burner BLZ-5-NG ($1600):

So far this is the one that I am leaning towards.

Pros: Size is perfect, Optional sear burner can easily be replaced and decent price for it. High and low heat capability

All stainless 304

Good Warranty


Made in China, but reviews say this hasn't been a quality issue with this one.

Consumer reports rated it very low

Reviews show it has really uneven heat which is something I was really hoping to alleviate from my current situation. This really is the only thing that keeps this one from sticking out as a no brainer.



This was my front runner until I learned it was a cheaper steel made in China product.

Pros: Price is right

Comes with Sear burner built in

Size is right

Napoleon receives good reviews for quality of the cook.

Good high heat and low heat cooking.


Warranty isn't that great

Worried about the quality of the materials for the China version

End caps of the hood are cast aluminum and appears to be plastic. Not appealing for built in center piece.


I've considered the Prestige line but would sacrifice sq footage to stay in the price ballpark, and additional sear station for built is is REALLY expensive. Other than the uneven high heat, the Blaze seems to beat this line in quality for price?



Any suggestions or thoughts? Any experience out there to sway me into something I will love for many years to come? Anything out there that I am missing?

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Too bad this wasn't moved to where it might get some replies; I too am trying to decided between the Blaze BLZ-4-LP and the Napoleon Bilex605RBI.


I need to place an order in the next few days and as of right now, I'm leaning toward the Blaze.



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I know this is late, but take a look at the Delta Heat, It cost a bit more, but it is all 304 SS, and made in the USA.

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