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Memorial Day - what a day for the grill!

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Happy Memorial Day 3 day weekend to all of you!


I know of two night's menus - there's definitely steak planned, probably for Sunday. Monday will be traditional sweet sauce bbq'd chicken wings with smoked St. Louis loin cut baby back ribs. So that leaves tomorrow (Saturday). Patty may bless me with pasta and meatballs, so - the grill may lay dormant for one day. But that's okay because yesterday it yielded a pair of awesome California Burgers!


Here's my Memorial Day Porn teaser: 2 big (18 ounces each) of pure Angus Prime, fresh ground and seared over my ceramic searing burner. Laid out between sliced, seeded Knip hard rolls, garnished with fresh iceberg lettuce, crisp green pepper slices, sweet Georgia Vidalia onions, deep red Jersey tomatoes, Land o' Lakes American Yellow melted cheese slices and slathered with Hellmanns Mayo and Heinz Ketchup. And oh yea - don't forget, plenty of fresh ground black pepper and of course (pun intended) Mediterranean Coarse Sea Salt. Life gets no better than this!


Enjoy your Q'ued weekend and please share here if possible any photo'd proof of grilling... :unsure: Thanks - mike


Click on photo to appreciate enlarged view!


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