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New Phoenix Area Build

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Well, here goes...


First off, thanks to everyone who posts and posted here. I have learned a lot by reading everyone else's successes and (and mistakes) and I hope my build will help someone else in the future. And, thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions, and advice.


I've finally begun my build. I am building a roughly 11 x 8, L-shaped outdoor kitchen underneath one end of my covered patio (in the Phoenix suburbs.) It will contain three appliances, a sink, and (possibly/probably) a fire trough. For cost and logistical reasons, I have to build this in stages, so I have elected to build the island itself in modules in my garage (to stay out of the 110+ heat) and move them to the patio and finish them in place. I ask for some patience in advance - since this will be in stages, I expect to get parts of it done, then take a break before I move on to the next project. For now, phase one is building the three modules that will make up the grill counter. They will run parallel to the house (see the diagram below) and will contain the three appliances and a raised bar counter that spans two stucco columns. The ceilings are ten feet high, so I am not concerned about ventilation. The stucco is all cement stucco (not synthetic) but will get tiled 2-3 feet above the counter level just to add additional fire protection (and to look good, of course.) I will move on to the perpendicular section with the fire trough and the sink at a future date, probably this fall or winter.


I have attached a copy of the plan, along with a photo of the location where the counters will go. If you are looking at the photo and the plan, they are opposite - in the photo, the location where the grill is currently is where the counter height counter will be, and the span between the columns on the left and the right is where the bar height counter will be. Part of this build will involve raising the patio section where the island is located by about two inches so that it is level with the pool deck and extending it to accommodate bar stools (where the large flower pot is in the photo) which is another reason why I will build this in sections (so I can relocate it when the patio work is done - the patio work is pending some utility runs but I'm the impatient type and want to use my new grill ASAP.)


Materials - 2 1/2" 25 ga steel studs, 1/2" hardboard on top and underneath, 1/4" hardboard on sides. Additional galvanized braces on bar counter overhangs (12" x 12" L braces) for support.




Cal Flame P05 39" Five Burner Grill

Blaze Double Side Burner

Fire Magic Aurora Power Burner


18" Bar Sink

48" Fire Trough (probably.)


Finishes - stucco exterior to match the home, with Mexican talavera tile borders/trim, large scale (probably 18" x 18") travertine tile counters.


Stainless steel doors and drawers where indicated.


I am looking for a suggestion for one part. The drawing shows the two 40# propane tanks (see my other thread regarding my propane system) but I have not found any access doors that will accommodate such large tanks (they are both 29 1/2 inches tall.) That area will open on the left side (facing away from the grill, but it faces the rest of the patio including the patio table.) The space above will act as a serving counter. No idea what I am going to do for doors to conceal the tanks, but open to suggestions. Best I've come up with so far is antiqued shutters or doors of wood (which would look rustic and fit in with the southwestern look of stucco, etc.) Anyone got any unique ideas?


Thanks for reading. Updates will come as I have time...suggestions and comments welcome.






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