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WSM - Ammonia Smell - SOLVED!

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A well documented question so I wrote to Ausi Heat Beads and have received this reply:



"Yes you can reuse left over Heat Beads®, to do this you need to ensure that your BBQ vents are closed off completely to cut off all air supply and this allows the briquettes to extinguish naturally.


When re using left over Heat Beads make sure you fill your starter with fresh briquettes and then place the used briquettes on top, and they must be dry, (I believe this is why you are smelling an odour - damp briquettes)


For best results always store Heat Beads® in a cool dry space, make sure your bag is rolled up tight if you haven’t used all the briquettes in the bag.


There is no ammonia in the product, after discussing with our technical people we believe that what you may be smelling is damp beads."



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