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Manifold Replacement?

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I am refurbishing my Weber Summit Silver (2004) and during disassembly came across rust on the left end of the manifold, paint flaking away. Obviously this is a concern since this is a pressurized part but the metal looks like it will clean up ok, the damage is not too severe and I can paint it and move on.


My concern is ... is there any danger the manifold could also rust from the inside? The water content of LP is minimal, and there should be minimal free oxygen inside the manifold, so I'd think not, but does anyone have experience along these lines?


Wondering if I should just go ahead and replace it?

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The valves are all brass for the most part, you can take each valve apart clean everything by wiping, reapply lube and close it back. As for the frame sand it, paint it, and re-attach, no concerns that I am aware of.


I would add unless you notice hard to turn or burner just not working, leave the valves alone. I would sand the burner tubes along the holes to remove buildup.


Good luck




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