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Picanha/Coulette NAMP 184

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Visiting down here in Fl and went to a local grocery store and seen this cut of meat on sale called Picanha.

Grabbed one with the thought of figuring out how to grill it when I got back to my SIL's.

My search on the web indicated that this cut is very popular in Brazil and they call it "Picana". They do it on a Rotis.

Here in the states its called a Rump Cap.

Its a small triangular cut of meat not to be confused with a Tri Tip which is NAMP 185C.

Once at the house and prepping noticed a good fat cap on the guest of honor. Spiced it up. SIL could not find Rotis motor for her Napoleon so I used her Holland Legacy sans Rotis. Cooked it 25 min per side internal temp was about 138° when I pulled it off the grill. Quite a bit of shrinkage during the cook.

Meat had a trememdous beefy flavor and very tender. At $3.99lb this cut of meat is a keeper. Will be putting a couple of these puppies in the cooler when I head back home in a week.

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