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Convert JA-580 from NG to Propane

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I inherited a 15 year old JA580 that is set for natural gas. I want to convert to propane.

I've read the posts from 10 years ago that say you can buy a Marshal 290 two-stage regulator, not change out the orifices, and adjust the pressure as measured using a manometer.

For a 2017 conversion it seems the MARSHAL MEGR-291 replaces the 290. The 291 is $31. I have also seen a two stage Camco 59333 regulatorfor $17 and it has the tank connector already attached. 

Would using the Camco and changing the pressure but not changing the orifices work? I don't mind buy the Marshall but I would have to buy some hose and fittings.



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I'd get the orifices and be done with it CORRECTLY.

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