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cooking thermometer placement

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I learned something  yesterday while grilling babyback ribs on my Broil King Signet. I placed two waterpans over the unlit center and right burners and placed the ribs on a rib rack over the pans.  I placed my Maverick digital probe over the water pans and under the rib rack and used the left burner on high.  The temp probe showed 210 degrees for most of the cook but I could tell that the grill was much hotter.  The hood thermometer, which I usually ignore, said 450.  I moved the probe to the top of the rib rack later in the cook, and it read 410!  I then placed the probe in the middle of the rack and it was 365.  The ribs were very good, but I guess the moral of the story is to place your temp probe as close to the middle of the mass of what you are cooking.

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