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pig roaster conversion to NG

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Hello everyone,

I hope I posted this in the proper section, if not, my apologies.

I have a custom made bbq rotisserie which opening measures approximately 60" x 20" which I mainly use for roasting pigs/lambs/chickens

I bought it used and mainly use charcoal to cook on it, as it has S/S grates but it also came with a custom made detachable burner and propane hose hookup.

I have used the propane in the past to cook on the rotisserie. The burner bolts in to place inside the bbq. The burner looks like its made out of 1" square tubing, 

with 36 holes drilled for the flames on one side, and the same for the other side. Basically the left side has a burner 1"square tubing approx 20" -24" and so does the right side.

It looks like they used a propane twin valve set similar to this pic. I'm considering converting this to NG hoping it can be as simple as buying a NG twin valve as pictured and swapping it out whenever I choose to use propane or NG.

I already have a 1/2" NG hose with 3/8" quick disconnect i saved from a previous BBQ which I would like to use if possible.

I'm looking for a little guidance as to how to go about doing this properly and accurately and safely.

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated and thanks.





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You need to know what the desired BTU is. Then you can determine the size of the orifices needed to flow that amount of gas. You also need to know the gas pressure at the control assembly to properly size the orifice(s)

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