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Costco Prime Brisket

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Anyone had any recent experience with these Costco Prime briskets?  After seeing posts in a variety of forums about Costco brisket, I always hoped we would get a local Costco so I could try one.  Meanwhile, I either ordered a brisket from a local butcher (costly) or got one from Walmart -- some had no grade, some said Select.  I guess I'm up to at least 15 - 20 full packer briskets smoked on my WSM ranging from 11 to 17 pounds.  Based on what I learned here and at TWVB, packers are all I've done except the two corned beef brisket flats that I also tried (not the same thing at all).

Well, we finally got a nearby (relatively speaking) Costco a year or so back -- but sadly they only have stocked brisket flats.  So I've stuck with my Walmart packers.  A couple of weeks ago I picked up a nice packer brisket at Walmart only to have to leave it because the store internet was down and I wasn't carrying cash.  The next day we made a visit to Costco and they finally had a selection of packers!!  And they are labelled "Prime".  And they were the same cost per pound as the Walmart packer!  (Can you tell I'm delighted!?)  

I hated to do it, but I had to freeze that Costco packer (there was no way I was not going to buy one even though I knew I couldn't cook it right away).  I'm hoping Costco will keep them in stock so next time I can try it without a freezer involved.  I'll get to this one soon and post here.

From what I've read, these briskets are true Prime beef -- meaning well-marbled.  So well that some complain about too much fat.  All reports I've ever seen from those who smoke these all said that the meat was great.  I have no doubt of my ability to smoke quality brisket.  Too many relatives from Texas have confirmed that.  Not always perfect, but never a loser yet.  The last two, I've begun using pink butcher paper per Aaron Franklin which I'm really coming to love.  I see some questioning that with the Prime packers -- guess I'll find out.  

So nothing is going to deter me from using the Costco packers or smoking the way I like, but I am interested in the recent experiences and thoughts of others and not just posts from years back. 

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I would kill for a Costco where I live. I'm stuck with Sam's

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:D:D  Truly.  We've had other membership stores in the area, but Costco is superior (IMO) and there appears to be a significant quality improvement in general.  Others may likely not agree, but I especially find Costco a great source for meat/poultry/seafood with prices comparable to inferior quality from Walmart, etc.  

I also noticed that Costco is a source for bacon fixin's -- pork belly.  Both full slabs and 2" cross-cut strips.  I think there are lots of grillers and smokers in this area and this local Costco is expanding their options to meet the interest.  At my wife's urging, I got some prepared garlic bbq raw wings which turned out to be really good (and met her alpha-gal limitations) for just $1 more per pound than their "party wings" (cut, no tips).  And the party wing price again beats Walmart and everyone else in the area.  

Sorry, hood.  You got me going.  

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