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Guest Themegrillers

Hello from the THEME GRILLERS :)

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Guest Themegrillers

we´re 2 grillers from austria, and we will show you some impressions from our grilling- experiences, if someone is interested :)

Last weekend, we grilled a very nice rumpsteak --> here´s the "tutorial" ;))

- Rumpsteak
- Salt
- Bacon
- Butter
- Garlic cloves
- Rosemary sprig
- Steak pepper
1. Salt the steak on both sides and wrap completely with the bacon.
2. Melt the butter in a casserole dish in the grill, mix with the pressed garlic cloves and the sprig of rosemary and then put in the steak.
3. Put everything in the grill and cook at 100 ° C indirect heat. Brush the steak with the butter over and over again.
4. When the meat has reached a core temperature of 50 ° C, remove from the grill.
5. Take the bacon off the steak and grill the meat in strong direct heat.
6. Then season with the steak pepper and serve.

For those who like visual impressions, here´s also the video :-)


Best wishes and a good start to the week!



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