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Maverick OT-03 Oven thermometer

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My oven thermometers have become coated with a thick layer of soot and grease as to be completely unreadable. I thought I would give a digital oven thermometer a try. I selected the Maverick OT-03 Oven Thermometer over several others. Here is a link to a good description of the Maverick OT-03.


Maverick OT-03 Oven thermometer



One thing I like about it is that it is rated up to around 572 degrees. Most of the others are only rated to about

350-400 degrees. I have used several other digital meat thermometers and have ruined several probes until

I realized why the probes were failing after a few uses. One is that the most of the probes are not

designed for high temperatures and exposure to temperature above there rating will ruin them.


The Maverick OT-03 is rated to 572 degrees is one of the highest temp range for a low cost digital

thermometer. Another brand that cost over $70 is rated up to 700 degrees.


One difference between a digital oven thermometer and a meat thermometer is the higher temp display.

Most of the meat thermometer only provides readout to about 200 degrees.


The Maverick will provide alarm setting that will alert you if the temp is 15 degree above or below your setting.


Also the Maverick is not an instant read thermometer, but provides an avg oven temp over the cooking

cycle. the avg is reset when the temp drops below a minimum range.


I have used it twice now for low and slow bbqing. Once with a Boston Butt for pulled pork last week, and

a Texas-style brisket yesterday. Both were done over a 10-12 hr period.

The main advantages of using the digital oven thermometer are:


1) temp reading at the level of the meat being BBQ-ed.

2) Not have to open the hood to take a reading

3) faster reading of temp change compare to the hood thermometer


Note; a small change in the setting of one of the burner knobs can make a large change in the grilling temp.


The Maverick is designed with a clip to attach to the rack. From experience with using digital meat

thermometers, I found that the probe wire will short out when exposed to high heat for any length of time.

Also do not allow too much moisture or get the probe wire wet. It will cause the enameled coating on the

wire to corrode, which is turn will short out the wires.


To help prolong the life of the probes, I now cover the wire leads with aluminum foil to reduce the

exposure to high heat. Also because I do the cooking over a 12 hr period. At night, the dew or fog can

leave a lot of moisture on exposed surfaces. I keep the read-out unit in a towel to protect it from

moisture. Also just wipe the probe to clean, DO NOT SOAK the Probe or get the wire wet, It will cause

the coating of the wire to corrode.


I did think about drilling a hole in the back of the

stationary hood, and attached the probe there. But I believe just clipping it to the warming rack where I

smoke/slow cook the meat works a lot better.


Here are some photos of how I used the unit.


The probe with clip



Clipped to the rack - wires covered with foil- I cover even the wire outside the grill

to protect from moisture.


Probe shown next to the brisket



Hood thermometer reads around 230-240.



Monitor showing temp of 223 and foil-covered wire, Also towel to protect unit.



Closer look at the readout

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Okay, so i know this post is years old.. but i still wanted to say thanks for your input (I google'd the unit and this post came up). I just bought one of these and may use your foil trick.. how did your Maverick unit hold up over the years? Thanks again!

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