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Down Home with the Neeleys

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I agreed, plus I don't complain about anything until I have all my food served and on the table :lol:;):)


I was thinking the same when I read the receipe, and the meat side should be up for self-basting in the beginning. I thought they might want to sear the meat first, but they are using low heat and a long cook time, which is contradictory to my thinking about searing the meat side first.


Strange that it was very specific about "meaty side down"


Vectorer: Wish I was close to Memphis, I'd love to try that place out! I haven't had the opportunity to view any more of the shows, my dvr is not working and I haven't had a chance (procrastination!) for months to go down to my Cablevision office and trade it out (this is free - for that reason alone you'd think I would make the time) B) I'll check out my local listings and see if any of the shows are being rerun on our networks. Thanks for posting! :)



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