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Convert your MES to cold smoker

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This may only cold smoke small items, cheese, butter, but the idea is sound.

Here is article explaining how:


Converting your BBQ into a cold smoker


Cold smoking (smoking foods below 37°C/100°F) can be achieved through a few different methods: lighting a fire in large room to disperse the heat; cooling the smoke on the way into wherever you are hanging the food to be smoked; or generating as little heat as possible to create smoke. Smokehouses are the first tactic some of which include refrigeration to cool the smoke on the way in. Various barbecue forums mention using trays filled with ice to cool your backyard smoker (or smoking outside in the snow, further north), which constitutes the second method. The third method just needs a hot and very concentrated heat source


All you need to provide that heat is a brand new soldering iron ($9.99!). An empty tin can with the lid still partially attached will suffice for a smoke box, along with sawdust and a barbecue with a lid. A Weber-style kettle barbecue is ideal. Don’t use an old soldering iron: lead solder and food do not mix.


Cold smoking with a soldering iron



Punch a hole in the tin can, stick the soldering iron in and fill the can about a third full of clean sawdust. Turn on the soldering iron and smoke away. That’s all. I burnt the can over an open flame just in case it was lined with a lacquer but I doubt that it was.


The smoker maintained temperature in the barbecue at 18 degrees Celcius (64°F), 4 degrees above the ambient temperature. At that temperature, it’s cold enough to smoke butter. After two hours, two thirds of the handful of sawdust had burnt down to charcoal suggesting that for longer smoking, the smoker will need to be refilled with sawdust every three hours or so.


Original article source



If you have a smoky joe or other small bbq, here is how to convert to cold smoker




Another article on how to convert your smoker to cold smoker


There is the smoke pistol



Another DIY cold smoke

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Very cool, thanks for posting, I always thought a can of sterno and a can of chips placed on top would work also...



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There was a similar post on SMF that used a tin can and soldering iron. Same principal but used chips, and location of iron differed.


I was planning on doing some cold smoking this winter, and trying this out. Our temps here are in the mid 90s with 75%+ humidity. So cold smoking here is a wintertime event when its a chilly 55 to 65deg in the daytime.



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