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Awesome new accessory

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I came across a new accessory on a site a friend of mine recommended to me. It's called the Brimroast. Not the most inspiring name, but they claim it'll cook a whole turkey and other stuff in a kettle charcoal BBQ without touching it. Have to say I had my doubts, as they were quoting hours to accomplish it, as you'd expect! Still, at 40 bucks it wasn't going to break the bank.


I still haven't gotten to the turkey, but it did a chicken beautifully, a piece of beef (man that was SO tender!!), and I even had a go at biscuits (seeing they said it could handle that). The bottom line is I'm sold! It's amazing! Least hassle BBQing I've ever had! And the guests were :D !!!


You can order online and they were real quick at sending it out. Only took a few days.


Cheers and happy grilling!!




Oh yeah - BBQ Magic Inc






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Looks like someone joined for no other purpose than to post an advertisement.


I think I would save my $40 since you could do this with most grills without this gadget.



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Call them and ask for Ian. LOL

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