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Smokin' Joe's Ribhouse - Rogers, AR

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Setting here waiting on my load at Tyson Distubution Center in Rogers, AR. I seen some signs for Joe's on my way to here and thought BBQ would be good thing today. So I drove up the road about a mile. When I got there it was near a strip mall so I had my doubts usually that means no smoke. Well I was fooled because just as I rounded the corner I see the smoke shed and it's a big one.


As I went inside I was greeted right away and seated. All along the walls were model trains and train memorabilia. All the tables were the old red and white table cloths most in the south grew up with.


I ordered the 2 meat combo meal 2 sides, tax and tip was &16.00 Soda, Roll, Pulled pork, 2 Spare ribs, Baked beans and Onion rings.


Pulled pork - About 1 1/2 cups with big pieces of pork. It had a nice smoke flavor with a good bark and deep smoke ring in the bigger pieces.

2 Spare ribs - Nice big ribs dry rubbed no sauce. The smoke ring went all the way through they also had a really nice bark. The ribs were moist and thender not fall off the bone mushy.

Baked beans - Beans were made from Pork and Beans. But they were really some of the best I've ate.

Onion rings - Homemade rings nice and crispy on the outside juicy on the inside.


The next time I'm here I will go back. Earlier in the day after I ate a late breakfast I was told we were getting a free steak dinner after the safety meeting. I past on that and I'm glad now because I liked the BBQ pretty good.

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Sounds good! Price is reasonable, but where is the cole slaw? ;) Around here (NJ) it's difficult to find really good bbq. Yea, there's a few places, but nothing that really smacks like down south and west. Up here it's all about steak... Hmm - now that's not bad either!


Now you've got me thinking ribs - guess I'll grab a rack or two and smoke'm up for tomorrows Giants game! Yea, that's a plan.. :)



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