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Anyone ever seen a grill like this

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Anyone ever seen a grill like this in the video or pics?

It's in Uruguay at Estancia del Puerto.

Do you know what its called? Blueprints on how to make one?

I really want one, just trying to find out if its a common grill anywhere before I design one myself.



You Tube Grill Video CLICK HERE













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Just from looking at your pics, Bobby Flay (and maybe Steve Raichlen) have shown a similar (I think) grill occasionally on one of his shows though much smaller -- downsized for personal rather than production use. The one Flay uses is roughly 2 1/2 feet wide by 4 or so feet long. I has a large bed for wood/charcoal and a single large grill grate raised and lowered via a pulley arrangement with locking cogs to keep it in place. He talks about it a little on the show and it's apparently commercially available. I believe he said it was originally from Argentina.



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I'd say that was probably custom made. Basically a huge fire pit behind the food area with a large grate for the food. Using the rake - they just continuously pull hot coals down below the grate. Looks very efficient - that's for sure!


As to what they are cooking - you better be prepared to NOT ask! That selection includes just about anything that moves in the jungles down there - including rodents, reptiles (yea - snakes are reptiles), and anything that crawls, walks or slithers through the forests. Be it predator or prey. With the right sauces dribbled over the whole mess - it all becomes palatable. Including the stuffings made from any/all wild growth. Grass, weeds, leaves and vines - they utilize just about anything that grows. No waste down there for sure!


I speak not from experience - but just what I've heard from those who have vacationed down there. Bottom line is that for the most part it's all delicious!


I have to say - I wouldn't mind having a smaller version of that grill, or something close to it. I like the slant to make it easier to have hot and cooler areas as well as sloped for easier cleaning - the cold embers/coals/ashes just get raked into a trough. Cool!


Thanks for the video - I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be watching the many others linked in uTube.


Now, just wondering how tasty a ringback leafclimbing slitherer would be? Cut me a couple of slices - I'm in the mood for some snake! B)



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