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MES with Peterson Pucks

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Hi everyone,


First, I wanted to introduce myself. I am new to the BBQ Source Forums. I own a Masterbuilt 30" Electric Smoker which I really enjoy. It may not be the best smoker out there, but for how easy it is to use and maintain, I think it is a great buy. I look forward to chatting with you all on how you use your MES.


I wanted to see if anyone else had come accross a product called Peterson Smoker Pucks? I live in the Pacific Northwest and was shopping at a BiMart (local store kind of like a small Costco or Walmart) and noticed these things. I had never really thought of using anything besides standard chips in the MES, but I bought a bag of these things because they said it would work in an electric smoker.


I have to say I am loving these pucks. They fit perfectly on the chip tray in the smoker. So when the MES is preheating, I take the tray out and load it with 2-4 pucks. When I load in whatever food I'm smoking, I just insert the chip tray at the same time. Within a few minutes, these things are smoking like crazy. Also, the pucks are the perfect diameter to fit into the side loader as well. For those long smokes, you can even load additional pucks in this way.


There are a few reasons I am sold:


1. No soaking time like normal chips. Put these things in dry. Sure soaking is not a huge deal...but it is something you don't have to worry about anymore with the pucks.

2. Flavor. The smoke coming out of the MES just tends to have a lot more flavor then I have seen with other chips.

3. Duration. Probably the best part. These things last a long time! The wife and I decided to smoke a chicken a couple weekends ago. Three of these pucks lasted for over two hours at 220*F. The chicken came out with a nice dark golden color. I didn't even have to load any new pucks in before it was done. The amount of smoking time you get for a bag of these pucks blows away standard chips.


I would give these pucks a try. They make the MES even easier to use. I saw they had a website where there is more information and you can order their products. http://www.petersonpucks.com/.



I'm curious to any non-conventional products you guys use with the MES? Do you guys have any tips or tricks when smoking? I'm always interested in hearing from people.




Take care,



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