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A Visit to the Peak City Pig Fest (KCBS)

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We just got back from a few hours at the Fest in Apex, NC. I've got other obligations with the wife, so enjoyed what I could and look forward to next year (this was the first annual).


It was a treat walking around the cook area, but as it was just before "turn-in" time, teams were VERY busy. More rigs than you could imagine in a small town BBQ fest -- including of course, some multiple WSM setups.


Out in the festival area, the major attractions were some local vendors with samples of their products. I'd like to share some "finds" and ask about this one "local" butcher. For me, there were two great finds that led me to come home with some great sauces. Naturally, I'd like to try to imitate them, but I'm not sure it's worth it -- they were so good I'm happy to buy directly. And both companies are in Raleigh, NC.


One was the best authentic Jamaican "Jerk Marinade" or cooking sauce that I've found -- "The Shizzle". Whether or not you like jerk, you gotta try to find this. With it's pineapple base, it's certainly not run of the mill (though I can't really taste pineapple at all). Two varieties: Original Recipe (mildly hot) and Voodoo Hot (hot enough for me). Neither of these is a "sweet" jerk sauce, though it has a mild touch of sweetness -- the big flavor is real "jerk" and that's what will make me buy it in quantity. http://theshizzlesauce.com/index.php


The other discovery was the "Knota Yankee" sauces. (You have to read that name properly to appreciate it.) I tried three of their four and thought all were really good. I came home with the "Sweet Spicy Vinegar" sauce that I can't wait to try on my pulled wild boar tomorrow. I'm expecting a great pairing. It's also just a great all-purpose NC-type BBQ sauce. The other sauce I brought home will be for my next ribs or brisket. (The problem with brisket is that it always makes me ready to smoke another!) That would be their "Rich Smoky Bourbon" sauce. They also have a Hawaiian Luau sauce that was maybe even better. http://knotayankee.com/page1/index.html (Now my own identification with this company name is that I was born in Connecticut, but have a marvelous plaque that my wife, Sheila, gave me that reads: "I wasn't born in the South, but I got here as fast as I could!" B) )


And then there is the "local" butcher I learned about that is actually out of Portsmough, NH, but has stores in Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill, NC. This is the first I've heard of them (being a sheltered home boy), so I thought I'd ask if any of you have seen these folks and tried them out. http://themeathouse.com/Home.aspx .


So that's my tale of the Pig Fest -- the rest of the day and evening I promised to my activist wife for her political event. We share the ideals, but I can't stand the nasty pollution called "politics".



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