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Rotisserie Chicken

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This is a family favorite that I call "3-meal rotisserie chicken" as the balance of the remaining bird is used for chicken stock, chicken salad, and chicken & rice soup. It may seem like a lot of work, but the results are outstanding for the main course; the chicken salad, and especially the soup. (And I can post those if anyone is interested). This is the best meat to rotisserie, IMO.








1-ea 3-gallon container, with cover (12-quart polycarbonate CAMBRO RFSCWC12)

2.5-gl Water, filtered


2-ea Roasting chickens (or capons); whole (4-7 lbs each) preferred over fryers.


2-c Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

1-c Sugar, fast-dissolving

2-ea Bay leaves, torn

4-tsp Thyme, dried

1-head Garlic, peeled

5-ea Allspice berries, crushed

4-ea Juniper berries, crushed




36-48 hours ahead prepare above by adding salt to water, stirring to dissolve, then followed by sugar, stirring to dissolve; add balance of ingredients with several large swirls to keep all in solution and add cleaned, dried chicken (saving necks, giblets, etc for stock). Keep chickens submerged with a dinner plate and refrigerate 18-24 hours.


Remove from refrigerator, remove chicken, strain spices & save; rinse chicken thoroughly ? twice ? and pat very dry, inside and out. Arrange on wire racks on cookie sheet or similar and dry in refrigerator for 2 hours to 12 hours uncovered.




3-tsp McCormick's Chipotle Chili Pepper (a powder)

4-ea Bacon, thickly-sliced (or andouille or tasso sausage)

1-tsp Black pepper, freshly-ground

1-ea Onion, white, small/medium, finely-diced


1. Begin by holding chicken on end, drumsticks up. Using index finger gently start separating skin breast tip working forward and down -- on each side of breast skin membrane w/o breaking same. Create "pockets" along breast/thigh/leg.


2. Combine all of stuffing except onion in small stainless bowl and coat bacon with as much as possible. Place bacon over index finger and slide into pocket spreading bacon out, flat, over whole of interior surface. Add onion.




3-Tbs McCormick's Chipotle Chili Pepper

3-Tbs Honey

4-Tbs Olive oil

2-tsp Black pepper, freshly-ground


1. Coat thoroughly, inside and out.




2-3 ea Onions, white, medium, quartered

6 ea Garlic cloves, peeled (saved from brine)

2-ea Lemons, quartered


1. Fill cavity to full with above, using more onion if needed.




4-6' Kitchen twine, water-soaked

1-ea Rotisserie skewer and prongs


1. Secure trussed chickens so that openings face each other. Center chicken according to rotissiserie burner, and arrange prongs so as to hold birds together, but without piercing with any more prongs than necessary.




1. Low-sided drip pan (I prefer xtra-large, disposable aluminum cookie sheets; 1" wall height).


2. Preheat entire grill to 400-F. Turn off main burners and turn on rotisserie burner (if so equipped) on high. (Otherwise, leave turned on back or center burner. Add drip pan (or construct one with 3-layers of aluminum foil), adding a bit of water and any remaining stuffing/rub/cavity ingredients.


3. Chickens will need one hour plus. On our back-burner rotisserie at least 1.5 hours is necessary; to two hours for internal temp to reach 170-F. I turn on all three main burners to 350-400-F at 1.5 hours -- approximately -- after checking temps on both birds and check temps again every 10-12 minutes with an instant read thermometer. (This crisps the skin; one may also "roll" chickens on main grill to achieve similar effect.


Remove from grill and foil-cover, let sit for 15-20". This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, allowing for easier carving and juicier servings.




Choose a carving kinfe longer than the breast. The knife needs be sharp, extremely, so that thin slices may be made AND that it will cut through joints easily.


Remove truss strings. place bird on cutting board breast-side up and begin carving by cutting through the skin and meat at the thigh/breast. Isolate the leg joint, and cut through. Slice the meat from the thigh and leg into slices, cut parallel to the bone.


Remove the wing by cutting skin at joint, then isolating/prying and cutting the joint apart, keeping the cut close to the body. (Reserve to freezer bag).


At the breast, run knife horizontally under meat, the entire length of the bird.


Begin carving by cutting parallel to the rib cage, thinly as possible. Or, remove to cutting board and cut against grain in thin slices while holding with fork.


Reserve all bones and scraps to freezer bag.

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