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Best way to smoke a chuck roast!

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Though this is not mine (I copied it from here: smoking-meat.com (I'm on their e-mail list - sign up, it's really great), I thought I'd share it here. I'm going to try this out over the weekend. Seeing as how I'll be home splitting a few cords of wood - I figured this would be a great way to top off a physical day of labor! I've picked up a five pound roast from Costco, should be good for this. About the only change I'm making is using my own rub and sauce. I've never ordered theirs, I'm sure it's great, but I (we - my family & friends) have immensely enjoyed my own custom mix so I'm staying with it - as a "safety net"...


I'll post my own photos of our meal - see ya over the weekend! :)


I have to say, just about every recipe and technique I've tried from this site has been very successful and well received by those we cook/smoke for using the provided recipes and methods. Nice group there!


I heartily recommend signing up for their newsletter - you'll find yourself looking forward to it! mike :)



Here's a photo (also copied from the site) of my upcoming meal. Sorry for the blurring - I enlarged their picture a bit for easier viewing...


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Yeah, I noticed this recipe too, Mike. I definitely want to try it. Although he didn't say it, I'm assuming I'll add the veggies in to the same aluminum pan I smoke the roast in. Also will elevate the roast OVER the pan to get better smoking all around. It's possible Jeff does those things but didn't say so for simplicity (or maybe the drippings just burnt in the original pan -- anyway, his "stew" pan was might clean looking to have smoked some chuck!).


Don't those pictures make you hungry?!



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