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I run 6 miles/week and row 6 miles/week and do the 100 push ups program every other day:




I rarely eat red meat but for sure enjoy a good steak once or twice per month. I can live just fine and do without beef burgers, hotdogs,sausages. I put pork in the same category as beef and really limit my intake.

I surf all year round in NJ. I'm 58 years old and feel great with zero aches or pains. My wife is 56 and the same, although she doesn't surf!


There are so many foods available to us that can be grilled. I'm a huge fan of grilled asparagus. It's a perfect grilling vegetable. Same withe zucchini. I have been focusing my grilled proteins on chicken, fish/shellfish, turkey.I have lately taken to grilling large Vidalia onions sliced in half. Can't wait for Jersey tomatoes. Corn is way too many carbs/ sugars even though its so good you really need to limit eating it. The salt and sugar in something as mundane as a roll is staggering. Bacon? Salt,sugar,fat,nitrites...I can live without it thanks.


Four years ago, I stopped eating red meat entirely for two years. Not so much as an aversion to red meat per se, but to establish a blueprint or map for a healthier way of eating.

Once you establish that and find the right exercise regimen for yourself, you can slowly and very conservatively reintroduce some less healthy foods(red meat) in very minimal quantities back into your diet.


Health is about choices and lifestyle and self-discipline, which for many folks in this country change is so badly needed. You simply cannot eat anything and everything and think you can undo the consequences with a pill.

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AND ONE MORE THING. Now I'm angry.


Ever since my stent insertion, I've been reading more and more labels of the food I purchase. It sickens me how much fat and salt we consume in items that really don't seem to warrant the quantities used. You can't get away from it with any normally prepared food items. Also it seems, anything with lower salt or fat content are proportionately higher in price. It figures.... Really angry now.


In my daily quest for news, I found this the other day. I generally do not pay much attention to anything the CDC says, and this is probably why.



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Good or bad - I've switched to using the Costco Sea Salt about a year ago. Not sure who to believe anymore about what is good or bad for us, but I'm still of the camp that the Earth being covered 75% with salt water has to mean something, and that something has to be good for us. Though what we are doing to the oceans spells disaster on the long term - there's no denying that the oceans do (did) produce some of the healthiest food for thousands of years.


Which makes me angry as well seeing as I love fish so much. And am dismayed to disbelief in the minimal "fishing waters" left available to us. In my area - most of the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds are marked with signage denying fishing (for edible use) in those waters. Sigh...


Salt. Yea - we need it - in true moderation perhaps - but truly an essential mineral for us. It's like Lewis Black says - "first the Government told us eggs were good for us, then bad, now good but not the yokes. They told us milk was good when we were kids, now they say it's not good. F#*K them!" Now they're going round and round on salt - good salt, bad salt - what the heck! What's a person to do anymore - who do we believe?


Angry is an understatement!



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I read the article interesting really, I do know I have checked my bp and had a 118/78 in the morning then ate a bunch of KFC for diner and felt like crap and checked again and it was 105/145, from consuming 4000 mgs of salt at one time.




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