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Toronto (GTA) to Niagara Falls

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No idea why people still call Toronto the big smoke when the industrial stuff wrapped up for the most part more than 20 years ago but what ever. So, Toronto has some good (and a couple of great) BBQ restaurants. Between Toronto and Niagara Falls is a great wine growing region that also has a tonne of good food to go along with the wine so I thought it would be good to just wrap it all up in one thread. Please feel free to add any suggestions and I'll bring them up to this post as well.


Google map, if this is broken let me know




I'll list from Toronto (GTA) towards Niagara. There are some burbs to the east that have great stuff as well but not sure how many will recognize town names like Pickering and Oshawa unless you are from the area.




Toronto Area

Barque - cool little spot that BBQ's everything (even the olives in their salads) and even has beef ribs (my favourite)

Holy Smokes (mississauga, just west of TO)


Aft Bar great place on Queen Street East. They also mix it up with some awesome Sous Vide meals if you are very lucky with your timing. Run by a great group of people, very relaxed, wicked food and an array of bourbons.





place holder, will come back and fill this out

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