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  1. Comments welcome. Here is what the final product looked like;
  2. More recently I made up a juicy rib eye steak with grilled asparagus and artichoke hearts... the vegtables turned out exteremly well and were a big hit with my family. On the side was a cream cheese and dill potato salad, made a great meal. The steak was seasoned with montreal steak spice and added garlic and onion powder. The asparagus and artichoke hearts were seasoned with minced garlic, fresh ground black pepper and sea salt, with a healthy splash of lemon and lime juice. Enjoy the pics!
  3. Hey guys, I have been absent from the board for a while. Thanks for the comments and PMs. I am still looking for a good deal on a WSM! Here are some ribs I made a while back, my first attempt, they turned out very well!
  4. yeah I realize that is last years model (it seems more sturdy then the 2010 model). I paid $279 taxes in for the performer, cover, and two bags of charcoal.. so I think I did okay. I was grilling with the top vent wide open and the bottom cleaner partially open.. I will keep experimenting.
  5. ...and here is what the finished product looked like. Looks like I will have to make these again real soon, they turned out well. comments, questions or suggestions, add them here, I would love to hear them. this is after a quick sear.
  6. tonight I attempted some beef short ribs. man there is not a lot of recipes out there for doing these.. so I kinda winged it and they turned out really great. my family was licking off their fingers and looking for more long after the plate was empty, lol. I made up a side of home made french fries which I cooked on the grill, and made up a quick salad to go on the side.
  7. bought a new weber performer so I can do some real grilling, smoking, and cooking low and slow ...and I popped its cherry by grilling up some steaks on the first night.. turned out not too bad. the foil pouch had some mushrooms, onions, and garlic to compliment the steak. there was an obvious flavor improvement grilling over the charcoal compared to the gas barbecue.. it was much better! still working on how to set the top and bottom vents to control temperature.. anyone got any tips
  8. still working on how to set the top and bottom vents to control temperature.. anyone got any tips
  9. ok I bit the bullet and purchased a new one (and a cover) at home depot in Washington. did two cooks on it already, love it. look for my thread in the pictures category.
  10. I'll be camping in the great outdoors this long weekend and cooking on an open fire (if permitted). Cooking on propane is good, cooking on charcoal is great, but nothing... nothing beats cooking on an open fire. Any comments, suggestions, etc are welcome.
  11. today I did my first beer can chicken, I think it turned out very well.. very moist and juicy. Between myself, wife, and two small kids; the entire chicken was consumed and the scraps and bones were devoured by our family dog. I made my own rub for this chicken, did some liquid injections, and I prepared my own barbecue sauce as well. Unfortunately I was unable to use my tiny rockstar grill so I had to use my propane barbecue. I soaked some hickory wood chips in a 50/50 coca cola and water mixture and I made a foil tray which I used for 'smoking'. I think it worked pretty well, although I had to refill the tray about three times during the cook. Dinner was severed with double baked potato stuffed with chives, bacon, and sour cream and fresh corn 'off' the cob. I think next time I'll bake the potato's on the grill along with garlic buttered corn still in the husk. Comments and suggestions are welcome. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
  12. both turned out very well, although I had some hot spots which flared up. sorry, there were no finger licking left overs;
  13. two days ago I did crab stuffed jumbo shrimp and some bacon wrapped pork and beef kabobs. the shrimp were butterflied and filled with a mixture of crab which included celery, garlic butter, onions, bread crumbs, and lots of spices. the kabobs were fresh home grown garden vegetables, the pork and beef were both soaked in different marinades and wrapped with thick farmers bacon. here they are being prepped and readied for the grill;
  14. I've been lurking around here for a short while and just registered to post. Recently at my parents house I found an old charcoal barbecue and a really old dusty torn bag of Kingford brickettes (probably early 80's vintage) in an old backyard shed. I brought it home, cleaned it up, and fired it up, wow.. talk about a flood of memories! I've been grilling my adult life on propane, but no longer. Firing up some charcoal brought me back to life recalling my adolescent years growing up watching my Dad grill and smoke on a home made brick charcoal pit. I have since gone through a few bags of charcoal on this little charcoal grill (its total junk too, no lid and only a couple feet tall!!) and found I like Royal Oak. I just bought a bag of Competition Kingsford but I have not cracked open the bag yet. Background is I've smoked many times on a "Little Chief" smoker, but it is just plain too small to do anything other then fish or beef jerky.. and I'm ready to move up. I am currently looking for a Weber Performer for my first "real" charcoal grill and I'd like to find a Weber Smokey Mountain too, to get started with. Let me know if those are good choices or not, but I think I've made solid selections. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find used equipment where I am and finding new can be a challenge too. Eventually I'd like to add a vertical smoker to my collection and I'm going to start building a permanent brick grill in the back yard... and I may try my hand at making an ugly drum smoker as I have access to several drums. so on with the pics. first is of my high end charcoal grill... yes it is as small as it looks.. standing just below knee level and it has no top or lid;
  15. Thanks for the advice guys, I offered him $250 in an email last night and I never heard back.. perhaps I insulted him? Any way if he doesn't bite at that, I will purchase new. (I probably should any way!) I would assume the chimney starter is for adding coals during an extended smoking period.