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  1. its got to be evolution, things change, that is what life is all about. all i can say is that people were stomped on for bring different that wasnt right We dont all drive the same car and we shouldnt all cook on the same grill or use the same font well its almost new year - lets turn a page and by summer i know this site will be exactly what it always was the best place to hang out and chat grills!!!
  2. ok someone fill me in who is left after armageddon??? miss you guys a bunch been cooking on the TEC and enjoying it and buying a ton of wine and yes working
  3. agreed scott see if it offended anyone i am sorry and TEC's done Flare up by the way LOL
  4. i know we didnt lose them i hope they understand that its tough people say follow the rule of JC, not me; Jesus Christ and treat people the way, you would want to be treated yourself Nowadays we find this is not enough WE SHOULD TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY THEY WANT TO BE TREATED this is something none of us can ever achieve to perfection because its hard to understand what mood the other person is in all we can do is Try Try and Keep Trying hope it all works out and cooler heads prevail and YES WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!
  5. is it even worth it after shipping???
  6. that is what i thought u meant as well he wants to give it a go and if he can hit the temps he might not notice anything as he cooks as much as he can outdoor didnt use it today will post when i do with some feedback
  7. do you think it might crack?? i know moisture is not good for their old technology ceremic burners
  8. Brand New 4 burner GE Monogram Gas Stove with IR ceremic grill in the middle my best friend chose this option on his grill as he thought he would never have the use for a 6 burner anyway he never used it as he knows that its hard to keep clean and he was hoping the TEC glass would be a perfect fit after bugging me for weeks to bring the Cherokee over we tried the glass and its a perfect fit Glass looks pretty good under the cooking grates now were were able to hit some crazy numbers on the hand help temprature gage before will post more detail tomorrow - to be able to pour marinade over the Glass and Not mess up the Ceremic IR Burner will be a big Plus also to scrape off the residue and vacum it up - its like brownie crumbs - soo easy the grass seems to sit perfectly and anything dripping to the side will fall to the drip tray
  9. they bring CAKE that is all they bring i try to stick to my summer diet beer and meat and i mean it i lose weight doing this but CAKE - bloody cake is what they bring finally the grill is moving to a house we are flipping i love the portable and enjoy cooking for the guys i am flipping the house with
  10. sorry i was busy buying wine i only caught the start and thought it was all in fun anyway been cooking on the TEC daily almost and people are even inviting themselfs over for dinner
  11. bro in laws house thanksgiving just couldnt pull off the camara must say i didnt even have time to wrap them in foil for 10min people just ran off with the steaks and enjoyed with a spicy Aussie 04 Cab Evens and Tate "the reserve"
  12. 1st cook was Monday the 11th (canadian thankgiving) - the parts missing still havent come in but i just had to give it a GO BEST STEAK GRILL EVER!!! Juicy on the Inside - no matter how u like the outside done even 3 hrs later - a cold leftover well done piece was Juicy on the inside when i Pushed it with my finger Did Filet Mignon with just Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper - No Marinade the SPEED is another Plus - cannot believe how fast it gets up there and does the Steak with Ole Man Winter around the corner - this will help a lot the SMELL is a Huge Plus = Old Grouch talks about this over and over - but now i understand - wine drinkers will tell you that you really only taste little - but the smell is what gives you soo much sensory feel. That Smoke coming out of the back was just Full of Flavour of the Steak to come. Family was running inside to eat the steaks as soon as they were done Followed Shelly's instructions and CLOSED the Cover - Preheat and the Grilling - THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO WITH STEAK Quick Cleanup - what a Breeze - nothing like it - Turn on High with cover closed and then scrape it into the Ash Tray Portable - is important to me - I cooked at my Bro-in-Laws place Followed Jim instructions started 4 Filet Mignon on 1/2 the grill - then flipped to the other side to finish them this wont be possilbe with larger steaks anyway will take picutres when parts arrive and i am still using the little portable can of Propane
  13. my favorite on any forum NOT JUST THIS ONE!!! thanks for all the help Shelly
  14. i remember a guy who had a VCR before he had a TV said he got a good deal LOL
  15. where did you 1st see it??? and how long did u look at it before you pulled the trigger??? why i say this is there really isnt anything like this around today for anywhere near the price to give you anywhere near the pride my prior posts have stated the drawbacks of big name makers today just wanted to know if you were a ducane guy forever or saw it and jumped on it in the book the millionire next door - they say millionires tend to buy on weight - heavy cars are one of their favorites, from a BMW to Caddy - they buy heavy i walk into a store to buy a BLU-RAY player - i am lifting it up to see how heavy it is - and i always tend to go with the weight 375lbs - u sure u r not the millionire next door??? LOL