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  1. i want a pizza oven..but well we cant have everything. so it got me thinking. can i add some oven bricks and pizza stone to my existing genesis? i figure all the heat goes whooshing out the top every time you lift the lid..so what if you dont lift the lid? i was thinking of building up the sides with a few bricks to form a "wind barrier for the triangular gap" on the sides. and leaving the lid propped 2" open. then i could slide a pie in and out with a peel. anyone do this yet?
  2. anyone can do this recipe. i used "dixie fry"!! some off the shelf product and seriously stepped up the recipe by doing it on the grill. i pile an entire chimney starter worth of coals on both sides and put the double dusted chicken down the middle. it only works with dark meat. and try to get all the pieces the same size. you will have to rotate pieces a few times. i add apple wood chunks to put some smoke to it. here is another grill job. plus the plated chicken.
  3. started off as a photographer, got diverted off into civil engineering. amazing how knowledge will atrophy if not used. i recently started taking pics of all my food. here is one on my work computer..grill baked fried chicken.
  4. i just got here!! dont leave. glad you are feeling better. is that meatloaf? i used to be a photographer. some of your images are very inspiring!
  5. thanks. before i became a civil engineer..i was a pro photographer. my dream now is to be a food and travel photographer..but i got to keep the bills paid
  6. i used DIXIE fry. it is sorta like a shakeNbake type product. all i did was thaw some chicken. i use all thighs for uniform cooking time. i dust the piece and let them sit on a rack for 15 mins or so (time to get the coals hot). i then dump the chimney starter (which is full of hot coals) into the weber kettle. i use a small shovel to push the coals to two sides. set the grate back on..get it hot, clean it and wipe it with an veggie oiled paper towel..(very important or your chicken will stick and leave the crust there)..i line the chicken up in a row down the middle..hot coals on either side. in about 30-45 minutes, i check internal temps. the chicken when done will be crispy-er than any fried product. it is a bit smokey flavored!! if you added some wood chunks, the smoke flavor would be greater. it is an amazing dish!
  7. i picked up a stainless weber..the S-310. it is wonderful. i fought the urge for 3 years. i have truly mastered my (free) weber kettle grill. i love it and will never get rid of it. here is a pic of my kettle baked fried chicken. looking forward to learning to get it done with propane.