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  1. I work for Snap-on so my collection is quite extensive. I do have a manual, it just doesn't give any useful information on details of cooking, etc, just how to hook it up and start it.
  2. Not to cause mancave envy but this grill is for grilling only. The garage houses my tools.
  3. Sorry about the picture size, I tried to delete and re-attach new size but forum edit wouldn't let me. So here are the pictures again in a smaller size.
  4. I just got this grill. It is a limited edition of 200 units manufactured by Snap-on. The tool box has 3 huge pullout drawers at the bottom, above that is a long flat drawer for tools, and the top panel flips down to excess the 8 burner knobs and lighters. It has 3 banks and a total of 8 burners. Left side has 2 pot burners, center has 4 burners, and the right side has a sear burner below and a rear rotisserie burner. Unfortunately, it didn't come with any instructions. I have so far seared steaks on the sear burner and finished them off in the center grill, rotisserie cooked a chicken, grilled burgers on center bank, and sauted mushrooms in a skillet on one of the pot burners. I have never used a rotisserie before, had to guess at most of it. Didn't know if it required a drip pan but I did use one because the sear burner would have been full of drippings. It is a ceramic grate with a wire mesh screen and didn't look like it should be messed up. It came with the spit rod and 2 - 4 pronged spears. It also has 4 huge "S" hooks, I have no idea what these are for, guessing their for ribs but how would they rotate on the rotisserie? Any information, suggestions, recommendations, etc.... Would be greatly appreciated! Pictures attached. (Smaller picture sizes below this post.)