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  1. Battle of the Bones is a non-sanctioned barbecue competition in Central Point, Oregon (just about 30 minutes over the CA boarder) June 25th and 26th, 2011. Entry fee is $150 with a $50 refundable clean-up fee. $10,000 in prizes with a max of 15 teams. Teams can stay on site overnight; however, there are no RV hookups. Electricity and water hook-ups are available at your competition booth. Teams will cook the following meat; all meat is provided (including 20 lbs of beef chuck for chili). 10 gallons of chili will be cooked each day. Teams must participate in all categories and in People's Choice (all People's Choice awards are kept separate from Judge's Choice). Start cooking 140 lbs Pork Butts Friday night, ready by 11:00 Saturday Start cooking 150 lbs Baby Back Ribs Saturday morning, ready by 3:30 Saturday Start cooking 140 lbs Beef Brisket Saturday night, ready by 11:00 Sunday Start cooking 60 lbs Chicken Thighs Sunday Mid-day, ready by 2:45 Sunday Here is the BOB Payout Schedule Individual Category Prize Payouts (People's Choice and Judge's Choice for a total of 10 Categories) 1st $200 2nd $100 3rd $50 Overall Prize Payouts (Derived from Judge's Choice) 1st $2000 2nd $1500 3rd $1000 4th $750 5th $500 6th $300 7th $100 The Official Rules and Regulations can be found at http://www.battleofthebones.com/BBQCompetition.html. Call Sarah at (541) 423-1978 for more information.