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  1. I have searched allparts before but came across ereplacement tonight, http://www.ereplacementparts.com/weber-parts-c-193079.html - i was surprised to see they sell knobs and wiring i havent come across at other sites, its been a while since i searched for parts, my grill isn't old to merit a parts search. Any searches prior to sandy were more out of curiosity to see what was available, i.e. i wanted to purchase legs from the summit grill center for my e-670.
  2. Its been a while since i looked for parts, but came across http://www.ereplacementparts.com/weber-7471001-2010-summit-670-gas-grill-parts-c-193079_193087_193674.html and see they may have some or all of the items i need, wil browse around.
  3. on a side note, recently i noticed consistant flame issues, and was concerned about things corroding out but realized it was the tank that was in my shed, it was leaking. I took all my tanks to a local blue rhino vendor who gladly took my tanks for exchange without any fees being that they all need to be repaired or destroyed.
  4. After Hurricane sandy hit my grill was actually a concern even with all the damage to my house, it was a large investment for me flood insurance policy doesn't cover contents. I rinsed it with freshwater, but it was clear some of the bells and whistles would suffer, i was able to grill all winter and recently took it all apart and cleaned all the components. Since the grill is mostly SS it still performs like a champ. Is weber my only option for parts? I need to replace the lighted handle components, the push button on the left front and the d battery compartment are completely ruined, im fortunate the water rose above the whole grill, the rubber on the push button was melted and clearly shorted out and was on fire, while im confident the rubber would have burnt out before catching anything that would burn down my house it was unsettling when inspecting the wires and components, salt water wreaks havocs on all electronics. The doors are not a priority but I would like to replace them, the magnets are all rotted out, the interior of the grill is in good shape considering the abuse it took, i would actually like to see if weber would sell me stationary legs and get rid of the legs. Its mainly cosmetic items but would love to be able to bring it back to all its glory, i came across a few weber parts sites, was able to find doors and exterior parts but not the lighted handle components or wheel/legs. Any sites would be greatly appreciated, i plan to email weber ro contact a local weber dealer but was hoping to save some money by shopping online. Ill post some pics of the items in question to show how a grill holds up after complete submersion in salt water. Thanks
  5. recently a friend did a great "Cornell Chicken" was pretty simple and came out great. He used mostly herbs and salt and pepper for a dry rub. First he brined it for a few hours, sugar, water, cider vinegar. Then let the dry rub sit for about an hour may less, cut a whole chicken in half and put on the grill, took about 30 min to cook on med heat but it charred evenly and not to much, I normally use my rotisarie but the chicken was moist and the crisp skin was nice, he said he saw it on bobby flay.
  6. Nice! Looks delicious, this is im going to have to ry. I was thinking about soaking thick potato in rosemary/oil/salt/pepper and then grilling them direct on the grates. A few weeks ago I used the side burner to make fries. Dish looks great, nice share!
  7. I was looking to get the legs. I stopped in my local dealer today who said he would call weber and see if they would send a set. I told him weber should market a package for previous e/s units to add on the larger side burner. I tried to use the 12,000 btu side burner to brew some beer last year, knew it wouldn't cut it but the new one is something like 27,000 which would be plenty. He did say weber is very particular about parts and usualy want the serial number or want to know whats wrong, i told him share my thoughts about selling upgrade kits for previous owners if possible. My grill is stationary and never have any reason to roll it around, i prefer the look of the legs. Not a huge deal but if the price is right ill make the adjustment.
  8. I have a E-670, I was wondering if I could order install the legs that are shipped with the new "social" version, its basically the same grill with legs. I would imaging when weber rolls out the factory the main frame is the same, the difference is placing wheels for the s/e 670 or legs for the social/double burner version. Its been a while since i checked out replacement weber sites and figured this is not an extreme request. I would imaging I could probably, if available upgrade to build it piece by piece. My grill is in the same spot, I think the legs would slightly raise it, but give it a nicer look vs. the wheels. I was considering calling weber but wanted to reach out here to see if anyone knew the part number for the legs and if the legs were easily swapped for the wheels. Thanks.
  9. Picked up a small rack of baby back ribs, its hanging in a dry rub in the fridge. I plan to cook it low and slow tomorrow but need some input. I have used the weber smoker box but have had little success, i find wrapping chips in tin foil, placing on a cookie sheet, etc work better. It usually took hours and found less is more in the smoker box. I have had better success putting the smoker box on the rack. I plan to give the smoker box a try the way its built in. I have a EP-670, should i put the ribs closer to the box or on the other side of the grill? Also how low a temp should i be reaching for during the cooking process? Im going to try and post step by step what i do tomorrow using the smoker box to hopefully develop an idiot proof method for the weber bult in smoke box. Is there one out there? I think my post wont be the answer but others with the smoke box can help to produce a thread perfecting the weber smoke box. Ill includes pics
  10. Thanks for all the input, happy to post a topic that gets people posting. I was talking with a friend about my dilema, he came over today with a stone to shapen the knives. My new steel was sharpened on a stone i plan to use with the blade for a long time, i sharpened all my old knives to get teh angle right, i want to sharpen my new knives at the same angle. I asked one my local butchers, he pulled a knife out and went jung fu on the straight steel and sliced into a piece of meat, he said you need to sharpen them but advised me not ot over think it, they need a good sharpening every once in a while but sometimes they need a good kick in the but to get thought he sharpenings.
  11. Im planning on doing some work to my yard this year, last summer i didn't have the funds because i was recovering from the new house. I have a small yard, i plan to put in a small patio and seed the rest for a small lawn. With the patio i may just get some fire brick, or dig a ditch and surround with stones. I see a lot of chimineas and metal fireplaces, the fireplaces i have seen hold up ok, the chimineas have actually cracked from over heating. I dont have a fireplace int he home so an outdoor fire is something i look forward to. I put webers trust in all my grilling needs, anyone hear any positive or negative about the weber fireplace? Locally i have seen it go as low ar $119, seems like a good deal, i saw one at ace and the materials seemed flimsy and cheap, but for the price i wasn't surprised and really it doesn't need to be rock solid, Its only requirement is to hold fire. Weber states it can handle 1500 deg F which is idiot heat proof for my friends that get crazy with a big fire. Seems like a good project, wanted to check here first before puling the trigger.
  12. Thanks for all the patting on the back, i have to be honest best steak i have had in a while, reassures me why i prefer to select and grill my steak. I have been to top NYC steak houses, not on many occasions but when i do my friends get the filet and I get the ribeye, they think im being cheap when ordering but when i cut them a piece they are always jealous . Its always more fatty - but a fat that melts when cooked right it pretty much turns to liquid when chewed with each bite, vs. a tough chewy fat you pull from your mouth while eating steak. I try to have or minimize red meat intake to two times a month - its harder in the summer time, im happy this time was not wasted and glad you guys enjoyed my steak. Enjoy the spring weather approaching and if its not your favorite give Ribeye another look. I usually go to a few different butcher and love to support my local butcher, this time i sent to the local oversized italian market, smaller then the local grocery but putting a little to much strain on the local butcher. They offer wrapped meat like he supermarket but have a casing with a knowledgeable butcher who sells steak for a few dollars more than the grocery store. They had an amazing bone in dry aged for only $15.99 lb but it was practically over 3" and huge, meant for two people or more. I chose a 1.5 lb nice thickness and ate the whole thing steak was about $14 or $15 and was worth every penny. My favorite butcher who has been lacking lately charges about $20 plus a lb and while he selects and dry ages I have been disappointed. My last porter was $54 and was good but i honestly enjoyed tonights steak more. I always prefer to keep it local but the economy hits everyone, its weird that the butchers who stuck it out were rewarded when they came back full circle to people supporting mom and pop and then it came to chic' and hipster. Along came whole foods and larger butchers evolved into "markets" which are glorified small grocery stores. The thing is i have a great stop and shop near me that has great low cost healthy store brand options and great meat options. I spread out my purchasing, i find it supports all the businesses and promotes consistent use of the grill
  13. I usuallt dont have to, i just put a little olive oil on chicken or steak before grilling. I also get weber grill spay from the super market, keep it under grill, spray on after scraping the grates. It works well with keeping chicken off. last year used to wipe with pork fat from the butcher, wiped the grates before an after, had a nice coating but to much work, smelled great.
  14. The weather was much better yesterday but felt like a good night for a ribeye, being that its my friday and felt it was a nice way to kick off the three day weekend. The steak I posted a few weeks ago was a great dry aged Porter that costs way more than this steak, but I have to admit, the Ribeye is my favorite cut, this steak was so delicious. I feel it was a little overcooked but i was trying out a new technique. I took my weber griddle and dropped it right on the flavorizer bars to get a really hot surface. The steak seared really well, i should have seared it longer, in the first few minutes I had great markings, i moved it to the cooler side and took it in to quick. I put it back out, ruined the sear marks but while more med rare it was perfect, fatty and tender. Bon Apitito!
  15. There are two Rds by me, they are great. I don't recall a $200 minimum but its been a while - they have added that or do it to prevent non commercial customers. I do agree, like costco I always spend over $200. My old boss opened up an account and I still use his account. Just ask any friends if they have a TAX id, thats all they need to setup an account, i think its free to join but again been a while. I go in the summer for BBQs, they have a great selection of meats and great qty, i bring it home and play butcher