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  1. I've actually used Webers recipe with great results. Only takes about an hour and a half. Will be doing this tomorrow again http://www.weber.com/recipes/pork/foil-wrapped-baby-back-ribs
  2. Sweet. The iPad weber app has a nice recipe as well.
  3. Hi again. So I hit up my locally butcher today and purchased a 6lb pork shoulder. I plan on putting on my brand new rotiserie that I've had for the past 2 years and haven't used lol. Anyway, I don't want to be married to tending to this all day and plan on just slicing and eating. No pulled pork. What is the fastest way to achieve this? I'm thinking maybe 250deg over the course of 5 or 6 hours indirect heat. Does this sound about right? Going to throw it on around 7am. Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you.
  4. Yeah. I'm going to attempt chuck eye next time in addition to not seasoning the night before.
  5. Butcher to the grill :+). I like! Thank you for the advice
  6. Lol. Definitely salt! That would make sense. I left it in the fridge with salt, pepper on it for about 30 hours. It certainly tasted dried out and would not cut with a fork for sure. That's what made me think that I over cooked it. With that being said, if I did "over cook" than why would te inside still be pink. Hmmm
  7. It was not previously frozen. I purchased fresh from the butcher on Friday. Seasoned it with spices on Saturday and grilled it Sunday evening. Maybe I shouldn't have seasoned it untill ready to grill. They were bone in. Just not sure as to why they were so tough.
  8. Hi all I thought it would be nice to grill some Black Angus Rib Eye Steak for the wife and I. This was my first attempt. Needless to say I was not happy at all how they came out. They looked like they were about 3/4" thick. I pre heated to around 525 and put them on for 3 minutes each side. I think that may have been to much. I went off of what the Weber iPad app suggested for medium rare. Please see te attached pics. I was looking for more off tender final product. Did I get the wrong steak to achieve this? Should I have left it on for less time? I'd really appreciate some suggestions. .
  9. Thanks for the responses. I am going to experiment a bit more this weekend. I am a nut for spicey anything. Especially wings!
  10. Did some wings today. Came out great actually. I was really impressed. I'm still a newb so this was quite rewarding for me. I prefer no sauce so I just threw some seasoning on them and let them sit for a bit while I did some yard work. My only regret was not making more
  11. Hi guys. Great post. I also did my 1st Pork Butt a few weeks back. It was a 10LB and was definitely a big commitment. It's just my wife and I and I told her next time I would do half the size I felt like I needed to babysit it. Constantly checking temps and what not. I have an EP330 and with only the left burner on as low as possible (meat on ride side) my temp kept getting over 230deg. Every so often I had to open the lid to let some heat out. It wasn't till the next day that my genius neighbor said "Hey Richie, why not just put a piece of wood in there to prop it up". WHAT A GENIOUS IDEA I THOUGHT! LOL. Well, I know for next time anyway. Also, I never wrapped it in tin foil and it was juicy as heck! Additionally, I kept it fat side down for 1 hour and the remaining 12 hours with the fat side up. (I read this somewhere i here). I really wonder if it would be better with a rib-0-lator. Anyone?
  12. 8.5lb pork butt. Been on for 10 hrs at around 250 deg. How do I know when it's done. Sure looks ready to me.
  13. Awesome advice. Thanks so much. Purchased some chips as they didn't ave chunks and also gave a smoke box to sit on the fb bars.
  14. ** SORRY MEANT EP330 ** Hi All, Newbie here and attempting my 1st pork butt. Question is, must I use wood chips? I've been reading a ton and would like to start tomorrow at 6am but I do not have wood chips. I've ready about times and temp and think I have it down pact. Also, I do not think this will fit on the warming rack. Am i better just throwing this bad boy on the main rack or on a tin pan ? Thanks so much Richie
  15. Thanks Leon. Now is this with the burners on full blast ? I just received my EP-330 and wanted to compare. Richie