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  1. Thanks vanole. So that confirms I had the right model number as the schematic in your link matches my built-in. I also talked to Nexgrill/TGS today and they were quite helpful. If I were confident that I could figure out how to replace a few burners and other miscellaneous parts I may go that route rather than a new grill. Any videos out there?
  2. Thanks bten. My manual says: "MODEL #s: 740-0165 (LP) / 750-0165 (NG)", and my grill run on Natural Gas, so that's where I came up with the number. It looks like the 720-0165 is not a built-in model, but I could be wrong. The burners appear to be cast iron and the manual describes them as "Main Cast Burners" so I am pretty sure they are. I'm also gonna give Nexgrill a call - I believe they are TGS now?
  3. Hi Folks, Been a member of this forum since 2006, when I purchased the subject grill from Lowe's to drop into my new BBQ island. The grill has given me lots of enjoyment over the years, but it's at the point now where it's failing in some areas. See the pix I have attached. For example my sear burner and the accompanying gas knob no longer function, one of the main burners has a hole in it causing flame to shoot out, and the smoker baffle cover is decaying. Another piece of information is that we will be selling our home about this time next year. Part of me would like to replace the grill inexpensively, so that I can get further enjoyment out of a new grill prior to our home sale. I have looked briefly at this grill, which has much of the capability of my current grill (sear and rotisserie burners, and 4 main burners). http://www.homedepot.com/p/KitchenAid-4-Burner-Built-in-Propane-Gas-Island-Grill-Head-in-Stainless-Steel-with-Searing-Main-Burner-and-Rotisserie-Burner-740-0781/204268053 However I am not 100% sure the KitchenAid will fit in my existing island. Cutout dimensions are about 1" deeper and 2" wider. I posted this question on Home Depot's website and a NexGrill CSR replied "It sounds like your island will accommodate this grill!" but I am not so sure. Is there another option of replacing some of the parts that no longer function? If so how would I go about doing that? Any other options? Thanks for your time, Dan
  4. Congrats Doug. Let me know how the KitchenAid works out for you. I'm considering a similar model sold at Home Depot, although I need a built-in to replace my Jenn-Air (more on that in a future post). http://www.homedepot.com/p/KitchenAid-4-Burner-Built-in-Propane-Gas-Island-Grill-Head-in-Stainless-Steel-with-Searing-Main-Burner-and-Rotisserie-Burner-740-0781/204268053 Thanks, Dan
  5. Eric, I'm just waiting for my island to be built so that I can drop in my 5 burner w/sear. It's currently sitting in the garage right now...unfortunately I'm not as handy as some of the other members, otherwise I'd build the island myself. In the meantime I continue to read the informative posts from this forum. Anyway I plan to respond to the poll once I get Jenny fired up. Given the responses I'm a bit concerned but my fingers are crossed! Dan
  6. Wondering what the benefits of removing the regulator are???? Thanks! Mike G. - please see my post at this link and head down to your local (Warner/Gilbert) Lowe's if you want that built-in w/sear burner. Dan
  7. All, I went to Lowe's today and was able to purchase the 75K built-in w/sear burner...Thanks to legacydoor I went to Lowe's in Gilbert, AZ and asked about the availability of a built-in with a sear burner. I knew I was in trouble when the sales clerk asked " What's a sear burner?" So I started looking around at the grills that were up in the racks and low and behold there were 5 (3 NG and 2 LP). So I showed them to the sales clerk and he took one down and I was on my way. By the way there is NO side burner included with this grill as mentioned in another post. Jim - you are correct about the part numbers and pricing. I also wondered why a built in would be more expensive. The only thing I can come up with is that the manufactures must think that consumers that want built-ins must have more money The only bummer is that I used my 10% coupon for the 48K built-in I purchased a few days ago (which I will return)... Dan
  8. Thanks Mike...It looks like we're neighbors. I just purchased the 4 burner drop in last night from the Lowe's in Chandler AZ. I asked the salesman there if he knew anything about a drop in with a sear burner but he didn't. I have a few weeks until my island is done & sure hoping I can get my hands on a drop-in with a sear burner. Keep us posted! Thanks, Dan
  9. Thanks Eric. You may have hit on something with the tuna steaks. Grilled ahi tuna is my wife's favorite dish when dining out, therefore increasing the sear burner's WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). Now I need to convince the store that's building my island to find a way to put the 75K cart model in the island. Will definitely post pix once I am farther along...I'm not thinking you want to see shots of my 10 year-old Sunbeam
  10. Hi, I'm a first-time poster who stumbled across this great forum via a Google search for Jenn-Air grills. I have already received so much valuable information - thanks to all... Based on the advice of the BBQ shop that's building an island for me as well as the info contained in these posts, I have decided to pick up a JA. And since the grill will be housed in an island, I assume I will need a drop-in type grill. From the research I have done, it doesn't seem like JA makes a drop-in with a sear burner. Is this true? And I guess the bigger question is: what are the benefits of a sear burner? Is it a must-have? Thanks for any advice, Dan