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  1. I saw this today at the HPBA (Hearth, Patio, BBQ Association) Expo in Atlanta and it looked very good. It was well made and I think the concept will work. I plan on buying one for myself and I will buy some to carry in my store. I'll keep people informed on how it works.
  2. So, its been 3 months. How do you like your Primo? If you had it to do all over again, would you buy it again?
  3. The BGE is alright, but its quite a bit more expensive than a Weber 22.5" kettle. I've used kettles for almost 40 years and love them. BTW the BGE may be an american company but its not made in America. Personally I think if you were going the ceramic route I would look at the Primo. I'm sorry I can't help you with your plans for the build-in.
  4. Sounds good.
  5. I'm retired. On the Warchant BB my screen name is Navchop and has been for years. Snow??? I had to go home to GA a couple of weeks ago because my wife was injured. I didn't know it had snowed. I should be back in a few weeks and I would love to get together.
  6. I graduated from FSU in 75. I was a Supply Officer in the Navy. I was stationed at the Readiness Command on NAS Jax. I see you're in Virginia Beach, I work on Little Creek with the SeaBees.
  7. Jeff, Your screen name leads me to believe you might be a fellow Nole. I too, am from Orange Park and Green Cove Springs. I started by going to the original Bono's on Atlantic Blvd. When I was stationed at NAS Jax I used to go to the one in Orange Park on US 17. They've now closed/moved that one so when I'm visiting I go to the one in Flemming Island. I now live in GA and I have a son in Tampa. When we visit we always plan on eating at the Bono's in Gainsville (gag). It's the only bright spot about that town. BTW, I went to FSU in the early/mid 70s.
  8. Your idea of cold is insane. While in the Navy I was stationed in Iceland for two years and it wasn't anywhere as close to as cold as you get in WI. The only time I've been close was when I went to Antarctica. I was only there for 3 weeks at the end of their summer and I remember it had to warm up to snow. I now live in the south for a reason. I don't like the cold. The 30's here in Atlanta is too cold for me. I managed to spend 2 winters in Key West and that was my idea of a winter.
  9. A little story. Three years ago I took a job in the Virginia Beach area and hadn't lived there in 20 years. So, to try some good BBQ places I did an internet search. I found a place in Hampton Virginia called Q Barbecue and decided to give it a try. When I got there there was nobody in the place but the door was open and I went in. I found the owner (Tuffy Stone) sitting in one of the booths going over some papers. He said they hadn't opened yet and would be getting their final inspection the next weekend and would open then. If you don't recognize the name, he has the competition team Cool Smoke and was on the first season of BBQ Pitmasters on TLC. I didn't know this at the time. As busy as he was, he took out about 15 or 20 minutes to talk Q and was a real likable guy. I became a KCBS certified judge that year and judged competitions in MD, DE and VA. After the judging was completed I would always look up the Cool Smoke site and Tuffy would always welcome me in and spend some time shootin the bull. I went back to Q-Barbecue when it was opened for a meal and it was delicious. http://qbarbeque.com/home.html As you can see from the web site there are also locations in Richmond.
  10. I've been to The Shed and it was OK. I gave them two chances but it wasn't really up to my standards. (I admit I'm a BBQ Snob though).
  11. If you're in the Jacksonville, FL area Bono's BBQ is the place to go. https://bonosbarbq.com/ I've been going to different locations over the past 40 years and all of them have been good. One of the things I like about them is they cook over an open pit behind the bar in the front of the restaurant. If you sit at the bar you can see them pull the meat off the grill and cut it for your order as you watch. Their pork is juicy and will cut it in chunks if you like (my favorite way). They also have pretty good pulled pork if that's the way you like it. The ribs are well cooked and tender, not mushy. They use a combination of white oak and hickory that's just right. Their sauce is service on the side and doesn't hide the flavor of the meat. The sides are typical for a BBQ place and are flavorful. I go to a Bono's every time I'm in FL. There are too many locations to list, but you can see them all, with a copy of their menu, on their website.
  12. I travel a bit with my job and a couple of years ago we were going to Oxnard CA. I like to review the website for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and see if any of the places are close to where we're traveling. I found one called Baby Blues BBQ in Venice and we decided to try it. They had some of the best BBQ I've found in a Restaurant. Their beef ribs were excellent. Tender with a very good flavor. The pork ribs were tender, but they weren't over cooked. My co-workers also liked the pulled pork, chicken and brisket. We stop there every time we fly into LAX (about 6 or 7 times over the last 2 years). They serve their food dry with some pretty good sauces on the side. Their sides are imaginative and all done very well. My favorites are: Collard Greens Creamed Spinach (fresh spinach) Sauteed okra with smoked/stewed tomatoes. My Co-workers also enjoyed the beans, slaw and mac and cheese. I highly recommend it. http://babybluesvenice.com/#/home Baby Blues 444 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA
  13. That's the thing with trying unknown places, sometimes you find a jewel and others just fill the empty spot.
  14. That sounds pretty good, but I don't get to AR very often.
  15. I liked the look of the meatloaf. The next time if prepare meatloaf I'll cook it on my grill/smoker. Thanks for the photos, they really look great.