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  1. I'd just take whatever nest it had and put in in the nearby trees. You can always call the city and ask? Or your local Fish and Wildlife. If its not cute, you can eat it:)
  2. Just curious about how many of you grill in a foot of snow My current place is lacking a deck, so I have to go down to the bottom floor if I want to cook out. Recently we have had an open fire for cooking fresh bacon and onion on toast. And a little paprika.
  3. I would say that if you can't legally hold any web 2.0 property than at least you should try and register all similar names on as many web 2.0's as possible. First the top 20, then the other several hundred. Also, quality of the property can show who is the proper owner. FB has an xml plug in that can allow you to make your own quality page.
  4. I'd go with Huntington as they are made stateside. Not sure about the other.
  5. Hello, I've created a BBQ review blog for Huntington Grills. Its nothing fancy, but I'd like your advice on content and quality of links. Check it out here at Huntington Grills Thanks!