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  1. I guess. I've had grills before that didn't have this behavior though. Maybe it's an airflow thing? Ok. So the difference between the S-330 and the EP-330 is entirely cosmetic? I'm an amazon addict, so I'll probably get the S, just because it's prime-eligible. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone ever grilled pizza on a newer TEC IR grill? Any idea how it compares to grilling pizza on a standard NG or propane grill? I usually grill on high on a propane grill.
  3. I mostly cook with high temp, but I have some bbq recipes that want 300-350F for 30-60 minutes. The G-Sport is supposed to support low temp cooking. Does anyone have experience with G-Sport FR cooking in this temperature range?
  4. I'm in the market for a new grill. I had a propane Weber Genesis Silver A for about 7 years, but it was falling apart again---replaced the tenderizers and grates once, the paint (or whatever was on the inside of the lid) had almost entirely flaked off (made me uncomfortable to cook with it actually)---and we bought a house with an NG connection on the patio, so I gave it to a neighbor. I basically cook 4 things on the grill. 1) meat---steak, burgers, lamb, pork tenderloins, salmon 2) vegetables---onions and peppers mostly, also squash/zuccini 3) pizza---homemade grilled pizza dough 4) bbq chicken For 1-3 I generally went with the "as hot as possible" approach, though I imagine the lamb/pork/salmon could have done with some more control. For 4 I basically need something that can be accurately controlled at low temps. So, having come to the conclusion that there's no way my wife will be ok with what I really want---a TEC grill for the high-temp stuff, and a charcoal grill for bbq---I've decided to go with another Weber. As much as I'd like a pretty SS-304 grill, I just can't justify the cost to her. I'm a little bit worried about switch from a cast-iron to stainless grill, particularly for the grilled pizza. Everything that I've read seems to indicate that the E->EP upgrade is a no brainer though, so I'm willing to give it a chance. I'm looking around online, and I can get the S-330 from amazon for it's $969 price (plus a 2% amazon credit via amazon visa) and free shipping. The EP-330 is $869, but has a high shipping fee. I can get the EP-330 from other online outlets for the flat $869 or I can get it locally, but pay 7% sales tax (yes, I know I should pay sales tax no matter where it comes from, but I just don't). My basic question is, is there any disadvantage to the S-330 over the EP-330? Has anyone had any trouble with Amazon as a weber distributor? Is there a compelling reason to use a different web distributor and get the EP-330 (froogle claims ApplianceConnection has high ratings in general)? Will an unmaintained stainless cart have more problems than the EP version in a continental humid climate? I picked the 330 for the sear burner, which everyone seems to like. Thanks, Luke