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  1. Hell, I wonder how modular the interface is with the way burners mount up to various grills. If the "plug and play" aspect is the same then I wonder if something like this would just plug into the plate. I'm not opposed to making some light modifications to support the burner if needed... hrm... May need to take a look at the Genesis today and see how the burners mount up. I didn't assemble mine so I have no idea with out going in there and taking a look.
  2. Looking at something like this, the Charmglow IR sear burner: and I was wondering if anything like that bolted directly up to the Weber Genesis or if it's the type of thing that had to be added next to it in an island? Are there any IR burners that could be added (say, in place of the far right (side) burner or sear station burner)? I'm actually pretty happy with the searing/heating ability of the sear station, but it's in my nature to try to tinker with stuff... so color me curious
  3. I wouldn't feel bad. I scored my Genesis S-330 for $750 new (assembled and delivered to my patio) from Lowes thanks to having a friend in the store who arranged a deal for me. They might have had it marked down as a display model or some other form of discount... you never know. Congrats on getting a great price on a great grill!
  4. Same here. Sad that wings went from a throwaway part to the most expensive part of the bird in a few decades.
  5. Nice article. I agree wholeheartedly. My preferred method on a smoker is whole. My preferred method on a grill is spatchcocked or halved. If you want a moist bird with flavor that moves into the meat, brine it.
  6. Yep... and that's sacrilege. I get all my beef from the local costco just because they cut their steaks. 1.5" by default... and I'll usually buy a large section uncut and cut my own to 2.5"-ish. I can't stand a thin steak. To the OP, that is a NICE looking plate ya got there. And helluva job on keeping that middle a perfect pink! Looks fantastic.
  7. You guys are cracking me up. We actually had 20 kegs for the 4 day festival. That was that day's allotment. Thanks! Surprisingly all my photos (well, the vast majority) are shot with my iPhone 4s. I have a canon 20D but it doesn't get out much. Today fired up the Weber for the first cool. Had some friends over. Dropped 6 slabs of ribs and 4 chickens in the Backwoods. Then a bit later I handcut a 8lb Ribeye Roast into 3 steaks and cooked them to Rare+ on the Weber: Very impressed with the grill. I was able to get the desired sear and there were no issues with sticking. It held heat great. No flareup issues. An absolute pleasure to cook on. Then I used chunks and made sliders on toasted King's Hawaiian Buns, drizzled with a touch sauce (50/50 A1 & L&P with some fresh black pepper), topped with baby spinach, a sliver of Jack, and some french onions. HUGE hit. I made some notes and will be refining this next time. All in all a solid day.
  8. Lmao Indeed!
  9. Very cool video!
  10. Just to clarify, I'm not with Big Bob Gibson's BBQ... I'm with Slab Yo Mama BBQ. We've only gotten a little TV Time (Travel Channel, Food Network) and some light print mentions (CNN Eatocracy, etc) but no way near as much as those guys. They're in another level entirely!
  11. Lookin good though as a comp BBQ guy I've got to question the ribs on the roto For a killer bird there are a few important steps: 1) BRINE: basics are 1 cup sugar / 1 cup salt / 1 gallon of water. Add other stuff (cranberry juice, root beer, you name it) but thats your base. 8-12 hours is good for a good sized fryer. You want MOIST birds, that's the secret. (this isn't really much of a "secret" though ) 2) RUB: Pick your rub carefully and make sure to get it UNDER THE SKIN. I prefer to spatchcock my birds because it makes them very easy to handle on the grill and allows you to get rub all the way up under the skin easily. 3) BASTE: Mom's old Sugar/RedWine/Beer/spices stuff is like candy but lately I've been a fan of Big Bob Gibson's Alabama White sauce. I modify it a bit but this is the core recipe. Don't be scared off by the Mayo.... I brush it on every 15-20 mins or so and it makes for a pretty stellar flavor profile when paired with the right rub (I preferHome BBQ's rubswhen I'm not making my own...but they are currently out of stock). BIG BOB GIBSON'S ALABAMA WHITE SAUCE: 1 cup mayonnaise 2 to 4 tablespoons cider vinegar 2 tablespoons freshly grated or prepared horseradish 2 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon coarse salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper And a roto bird is very very good (never had one off my genny yet) but you can't beat a brined bird smoked at 275 over apple/hickory, then pulled. Even the white meat ends up as moist/tender as properly cooked shoulder and the smoke flavor dives deep into the meat in a way that is tough get on a standard grill. I really like the first glance at that Peruvian Chicken recipe... going to have to take a stab at that.
  12. Thanks guys. Rich, thanks for the welcome. I'll definitely be around. I'm surprised things aren't more active around here right now. Lots of great info and seems like you guys have quite a few very knowledgeable folks here disseminating it. The grill was just delivered at the house a couple hours and it's killing me being at work. Tied up all night too so I'm stuck waiting till tomorrow to actually cook on it. That said based on the info here (which I agree is the best on the web) and other stuff I've read I am sure I'm going to love this machine. Since my backwoods is currently out of commission (firebox latch issue. replacement part en route) I'll be grilling on it pretty much every night. I'll definitely post my thoughts, pics, and likely have lots of questions for your crew here that are far more experienced on this box than I. Thanks again guys.... Cheers. From the patio after Lowes guys dropped her off....
  13. Welcome! Nice rig! Nice pictures as well. My Genesis will be delivered tomorrow. I'm right there with ya w/r/t excitement level.
  14. Memphis: Central BBQ (Central Ave Location) Period.
  15. What's up guys! New guy here from Memphis, TN (Boston, MA Native). Just happened upon this forum while looking for a good source of info on the Weber Genesis line of Gas grills, as I was in the market for one. Nice site you have here! Very basic info about me: • I am 35 years old. Have lived in Tennessee for about 20 of those years. Boston MA Prior to that. • Fan of all teams Boston (Red Sox / Patriots / Celtics / Bruins). • I am a Marketing/Social Media guy who works in the golf industry • Jeeping / Rock Crawling is another passion of mine. I started a regional jeep club/forum that's grown a bit (1.3 Million pageviews/month). About my BBQ/Grilling Affinity: • Just purchased a Weber Genesis s330 that will be delivered tomorrow actually. Upgrading a bit there. • I have two smokers, a Backwoods Competitor for larger smokes and a WSM (Weber Smoky Mountain) for smaller cooks • I am a member of the Slab Yo Mama BBQ Team. We do decent for a party/cooking hybrid team... recently took 3rd in Beef at the Memphis in May World Championship of BBQ. Previous "strong" finishes for us have been 2nd in Seafood, 10th in Ribs, 2nd in Hot Wings, 3rd in Mustard Sauce, 4th in Tomato Base Sauce, 5th in Vinegar Base Sauce. Since this is a Grilling porn thread I guess I better shut up and get to the pics. These are just a few random shots from various stuff. I'll post cook-specific threads and recipes as time goes on. Hopefully I can contribute to this place as much as I hope to learn. A dinner I cooked for my pop for fathers day a couple weeks ago. Prime Ribeye Medium Rare of course. Salmon Peppers" - Pepper lined with cream cheese and baby spinach, then filled with diced garden fresh cherry tomatoes, scallions, EVOO, Balsamic Vinegar, oregano and basil... then topped with a sliver of Parmesan and a slice of Smoked Salmon... then grilled direct. Breadless Bruschetta - Just a slice of garden fresh tomato w/ sliver of Parmesean, fresh basil leaves, fresh pepper, and a drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar. Detail of Breadless Bruschetta (next time I will grill the slice for a bit) SUPER simple and delicious if you have fresh ingredients. Great as an amuse bouche, hors d'ouvere, or just as a side. Here are some Tortilla Pizzas we grilled up one afternoon. For those trying to eat healthier, nixing the bread and using whole wheat tortillas and topping them with a little fresh marinara and then whatever leftovers you have in your fridge is a great way to make pizza better for you: Here are some Chargrilled Oysters we were making at the Memphis in May Championship of BBQ this year. If you've never had chargilled oysters you are MISSING out. These were cooked on our Lang 80 Deluxe Smoker/Chargriller pit. A shot of my sanctuary in the backyard.... Grilled up dinner for the GF and I (Flat Irons w/ Grilled Veggies) and a pint of sam adams. OLD shot of my WSM hooked up to my Stoker BBQ Controller. Pretty fun toy. Great for maintaining/controlling smokes when you don't have time to be by the cooker. I don't break it out very often because I usually ENJOY the act of cooking... but sometimes you gotta feed folks and you've got shit to do. Our booth this year at Memphis in May. Two stories with our 10x40 Double Decker BBQ Trailer next to it (acted as a stage / kitchen). Rubbing the next day's shoulders down at Memphis in May: What it's like at NIGHT inside a fun tent at Memphis in May. We party as hard as we cook with live Blues musicians, DJ's, full open bar (sponsored by Red Bull , Sobieski Vodka, and Pabst Blue Ribbon). More to come... don't want to spam you guys too much right off the bat. If anyone has any questions about anyting at all, feel free to fire away. Otherwise I'll just dive headfirst into the forums. Thank you guys for having me... I look forward to contributing however I can and learning a bunch here.