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  1. From reading, it looks like this will work for converting my JennAir from NG to Propane? From what it sound like on here it is a matter if regulating the propane down to 7 W.C. Instead of going through and changing or resizing the orifices. Jason
  2. When doing the bird on the rotisserie do you guys rub it down with anthing before putting it on and do you baste while the cooking is going on? If so what kind of baste do you use? J
  3. Mine has the same problem. It sags directly in the middle, and catches the back of the drip pan when trying to remove it. I have found sliding a long narrow flat head screwdriver and gently lifting it allows the pan to slide out. Still have not used the grill yet. Still unpacking from the move and finding time to run a gas line is hard to do. I believe I can find a fix given time to assess the situation. J
  4. Dave, I hadn't heard you are getting a replacement? What happened with the original........ J
  5. I to finally received mine from Lowes after much anticipation. Picked up in the box and all. Should have seen two of us un-loading that monster. Also got the rotisserie and tho cover. I did not get the 25% though. They would only give me the 10% but never asked for a coupon. So I still have three 10% off coupons still waiting to be used. Just buying a new house so I am sure I will have good use for them in the future..... STGCS0416 (Dave) did up plumb it up yourself or have someone come out and do it? I can plumb a water line or something like that but messing with a gas line scares the crap out of me........ J
  6. Should be receiving a call from them sometime this week once it arrives at the store. Do they usually assemble them as a customary thing or do you have to request it and they charge you for it? J
  7. All is well. Spoke to Lowes again today and they are haveing one transfered from another store. Should have it next week sometime. Thanks for finding that out for me Dave. I will keep that in mind in case something goes wrong with the plans. Take care, J
  8. Well sounds like we will have some great neighbors then! Our lease is up on the house we are in now at the end of October, so we have a month and a half to move in there at Stone Oak. I called Lowes there on 620 & 183 today to see what they found out about ordering the NG version. The gentleman told me he was going to call Jenn-Air in the morning and get back with me. Did you talk to Sundance Parkway, if so do you remember the name of the individual you talked to? Well it is off to bed for me. It is about 9:30pm now and I am beat. Have a great evening. J
  9. I just got to thinking if Lowes can not locate a NG version of the grill(730-165), is it possible to do an LP to NG conversion? Jason
  10. Well, just returned from Lowes and Costco. Lowes only had the LP version and I talked them into and additional 10% off. They are supposed to get a holed of me tomorrow to see if they can track one down in the NG version. Fingers Crossed......... J P.S. The house we bought is there in Stone Oak Subdivision next to Mayfield Ranch.
  11. stgcs0416.......Good to see a member near us. We were at the NW Austin Lowes over there at 620 & 183 when I spotted that grill for $1049. We currently live in Leander and just bought a house in Round Rock off of 1431. J
  12. I will git it a shot.........Hopefully we will have time today on our way to or from Costco......... J Out of curiosity, what have you guys been paying or seeing at your local Lowe's for the 730-165? While drooling over it yesterday our local lowe's had theirs for $1049. J
  13. I will git it a shot.........Hopefully we will have time today on our wat to or from Costco......... J
  14. After Posting last night I found the movers discount on Lowe.com and signed up for it. I was really hoping when I got up this moring I would have an e-mail from them with my discount attached. My wife and I just bought a house and I was going to go to Lowes and pick up that "big" Jenn-Air I was drooling over yesterday. Hopefully I will get it shortly. I might just stop by and see if I can get the manager to go ahead and do it for me........ J
  15. Where are you guys finding this 10% or 20% off coupon? I am anxious to get to Lowes for this grill. Looked at the unit today and was very impressed. J