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    Things I like and have interest in are: Grilling with my Jen-air 720-0061-LP grill. Smoking all types of meat on my Great Outdoors LP smoker unit for family and friends. I like working on and flying aircraft, fixed wing and rotor wing. The best dog for me is a Doberman.<br /><br />I have fun here, at the BBQ Source Forums with all the great grilling, smoking and cooking, plus all the great people.
  1. Wow Don, The ribs look great. Have the judges ever offer why they like or dislike an entry? Maybe you should have one of the girl enter the ribs? I do enjoy your photos. Hope someday to make one of these events. Eric D
  2. Boble88, The reason for the nozzle set-back is to allow the gas jet stream to pull air into the tube with the gas to allow from proper combustion mixture. Some manufacturers will install a shield around the jet nozzle that will block wind from hitting the jet steam of gas, but not restrict the airflow into the tube to the burner. Thanks for your update. Please keep us posted on how things are working. Regards, Eric D
  3. Besides the cleaning brush, I would have to say the single most used grilling accessory has to be my griddle. I love making pancakes, sausage and eggs on it early on a summer morning. There is just something special about the aroma of breakfast cooking outside in the morning. Maybe it’s the caveman ancestries coming out of me! Eric
  4. You guys are cracking me up! I do look forward to seeing the pictures of the ribs. To bad there isn’t a way to get just a little taste and smell over the web….maybe someday. The Blue Smoke Barbecue does have some very interesting recipes. If I ever get a break long enough from work to use my outdoor cooking equipment again! Working seven days a week sucks until the paycheck comes.. Eric D
  5. Scott, Seeing you are on the dark side, what-ya cooking in that there cooker with the great warming rack?? It looks like a skillet. Eric D
  6. I am normally open minded, but no pancreas for me thank you! Eric D
  7. Winter, Tilapia is one of the only fish I can manage to get my wife to eat. If you want a good quick stuffing for tilapia I use the herb flavored Stove Top stuffing. I know, the food gods will probable strike me down any second, but the Stove Top works very well when I’m short on time. I haven’t tried the whole tilapia yet, let us know how they turn out. Regards, Eric D
  8. Mark, I really wonder if they power coated both sides of the steel they use on the inside or just the exposed side. It would explain why the rust is forming. If they end up sending you replacements you might want to clear coat the seam area to keep the rust from forming on the replacements as well. An even more drastic approch might be to drill out the pop-rivots and paint or coat the inside surface of the painted parts to keep them from rusting. I know Weber should have done this, sometimes I find it easier to just fix things myself. Regards, Eric D
  9. I would bet not! I showed mine and she just gave me a look like . Might have to find a better way of making the lid open... Fun post though, Eric D
  10. Mark, Not to add to you troubles, but in the first picture it looks to me like you are missing a screw as well. Good luck with the grill issue, Eric D
  11. Mike, That sounds like a good mod project for someone.....not me..but someone. Could have something to step on to open the lid while you have your hands full of stuff to be placed on the grill. Eric D
  12. Nice job 2cycle! Looks very taste. Thanks for sharing! Eric D
  13. Billy Goat, I’m glad I don’t live back in the 19th century after reading your menu. The only thing that doesn’t sound to bad to me is the boiled black coffee. Do you bring pre-ground coffee beans or bring whole beans? I enjoy cowboy coffee (boiled) while camping; I think it is very tasty. I understand the lack of camera, but if it ever happens that you have it with you I sure would enjoy seeing pictures of the prep work, cooking, and finished product. Great topic by the way, Eric D
  14. Billy Goat! 19th century cooking! That is way cool! Where are the photos???? It is really something the things we can learn on this site. Do you use any cast iron cooking gear? Eric D
  15. Mike, For some people yes, this could be dangerous. Not having any idea about your skills we have no way to give you a valid answer. I believe that for folks that know basic mechanics and how to use basic tools your problem is an easy fix. If I had your problem I would remove the grates and the flame tamers (covers over the burners) so I could see the burners. The flame height coming off the burner should be about ¾ to 1 inch long. If not, I would try adjusting the currently installed regulator. Looking at the regulator there is a plastic cap in the center. If the cap is removed there is a straight slot screw underneath. By screwing it in clockwise it will increase the gas pressure to the grill manifold. I would adjust this until the flame was the correct length. As a VERY last resort, I would remove the regulator and check with a manometer that I’m not exceeding 7 inches of water column. Regards, Eric D