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  1. You might think about a faulty regulator as well unless the other burners are working ok
  2. Couple of 'em look a little overdone
  3. I purchased one of these last spring and couldn't be happier with it and the results on all my knives, even a Buck 110 that has one of the hardest steels I've ever encountered
  4. I've been vacuuming briskets, sausage, ribs for years then freezing them. It's great to open up a bag of brisket in January that you smoked in August and it tastes the same
  5. That's next on our list, got some in the refrigerator waiting
  6. Coming from a 0165 Jenn-Air, a Weber Performer, 2 Bradley Smokers and a 20" pipe smoker with offset firebox, I didn't think I needed anything else, but the PK has pleasantly surprised me. Done fajitas, steaks, and a whole chicken I can say that flareups are just about non-existent. What's neat is that the firebox doesn't permanently attach to the frame, so I just take it off, put it in the yard and hose it out. No worries about rusting out for sure, and I like the fact that you can remove the lid without tools if you just wanted to direct cook some steaks or burgers
  7. Anyone remember these? Took delivery of a new one last week. I needed a new grill like an eskimo needs another snowball, but wife wanted it.
  8. I keep my 100 pounder on a dolly so I can wheel it around easier. I use it for my 330,000 BTU burner. I can load it easily in my Expedition
  9. That model is the same as the one I have on my back deck. I bought it the fall of 2006. The rack that holds the propane tank has rusted out, the ignitors don't work, and the smoker box rails have rusted out. Other than that it works fine. I had the burners replaced under warranty, but the stainless burners were replaced with brass ones. Sear burner was replaced within a year of purchase but I've not had anymore problems. I paid 1099 for it new at Lowes. I wouldn't pay much more than 500 in good shape nor more than 600 for like new condition.
  10. Obviously a hotrodder at heart
  11. Cinnamon (used judiciously) and ice cream go together like peas and carrots
  12. Mine finally rusted/fell off last year. The burners still ignite however even missing the collector caps. I might fabricate something this year, but as long as it's still percolating, probably won't
  13. Remove the burners and brush the crap out of them with a stiff wire brush. The flame holes are plugged up.
  14. I've not had one problem of "off" smelling smoke, having used almost all of the different "pucks" Bradley offers. It will do a brisket justice, but it won't give it a smoke ring like most people are used to. I usually get my bisquettes off Ebay. There are a number of sellers there
  15. I've had two Bradleys since 2005. Do a fantastic job of smoking almost anything, meat, cheese, salt, fish. I've been using them now for the last several years for smoking my home cured bacon. Other than that, don't use them too much. Bradley has a webpage that links to a forum. It used to be quite active, but I haven't visited it in some time Rex