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  1. Shelly: I'd have no problem gettin that in my big mouth!! Vindii ... Burgers look great! I love Jalapeños. Did you soak the corn prior to putting on the grill? BG in WV
  2. Toast, I've seen them in the store, but never tried them (I'm usually a NY strip or sirloin man) ... how were they? BG in WV
  3. jmuth: Welcome to the forum ... http://www.napoleongrills.com/Gourmet-gril...Chef/UH405.html BG in WV
  4. Shelly: The crab looks great! BG in WV
  5. gunksny I've been known to lightly coat the bottom of my dough with a little EVOO ... maybe thats why the cornmeal works better for me. BG in WV
  6. gunksny ... Thanks for the pictures! I love seeing other's creations ... "I spread some flour on the pizza peel" I'm sure you already know of this ... but, I use cornmeal instead of flour? It has a much higher burn temperature, and makes movement of the crust much easier. BG in WV
  7. Garland and DaviD (Welcome): The "whooshing" sound (like a jet engine) and large flames from the sear burner usually indicate a 1) cracked ceramic, or 2) compromised seal around the ceramic(s). Neither is good, and usually can only corrected by replacing the sear burner. Antone else had any luck once the "whoosh & flames" appear? BG in wv
  8. Peter ... I'm originally from western NY, and am very familiar with "Swiss Chalet" chicken ... hmmmmmmmm! There is one in Amherst, NY ... has been there since I was a kid (and I'm in my 50s now). If you ever find the secret ... let me know!! BG in WV
  9. Greg: Welcome to the forum ... Your sear burner, when lit, should have a "orange glow" (see image), and give off large amounts of heat. The "small flames" you mentioned are normal ... its just the drippings burning off. If the flames are large, yellow and/or there is a loud jet engine sound ... a ceramic may be broken ... not good. Use the forum's search function ... there is LOTS of good information on using Sear Burners, as well as how to care for them. BG in WV
  10. Peter One of the nice things about a rotisserie is that you don't have to be as exact with the grill temperature ... the rotating of the meat evens out the thermal exposure. The other thing that happens is that rendered fats flow over the rotating surface ... and coat and "fry" the surface of the meat .... hmmmmm good! I like to brine my birds to before I "roto" them ... Makes for a juicer more flavorful meat. Here is some good info on brining: Basics of Brining - Cooks Illustrated An old thread on brining Take pictures when you do your bird(s) ... I like pictures! BG in WV
  11. I agree with Jimbo ... only a small loss if it doesn't work out. That being said ... if you do it ... keep a close watch! Roto burners are on the perpendicular plane so the rendered fats won't drip on to the burner and flare-up. The configuration you propose has the IR burner under the bird ... I've witnessed big fat fires in gas grills ... not a pretty sight. BG in WV
  12. All: Finally had an evening alone with my beautiful wife [she has started a new job] ... bought a really nice sirloin steak … and went to grill it on my JA. The last person that used my grill [not me] … left the gas on … no propane!! Broke out the o'l Ultra Sear! Warmed it up and threw on the o'l sirloin [seasoned with sea salt & garlic] Seared on both sides [with the grill on high] Then turned the grill to low and closed the cover for ~ 10 minutes Served with a baked potato with chives, corn custard [also called scalloped corn] and a bottle of Vina Decana Crianza 2005 Great meal, and made my wife soooo happy that we cracked a bottle of Cava Codorníu Selección Raventós Brut And ... my bride made a homemade apple pie for dessert!! Life is good! BG in WV
  13. blaked ... "You cannot tease us with all these tantalizing descriptions - the pictures are a MUST!" What Mike said!! BG in WV
  14. brucered ... Very very nice, the steaks look great! BG in WV
  15. CTim ... For the Weber Kettle ... I'd use chunks ... they won't flame up as quickly. BG in WV