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  1. We're going to upgrade the software and see if we can perhaps revamp & re-energize the membership. Now that social media has just become one big rumor mill perhaps folks will come back to community based websites!
  2. Sounds good Mike, look for a friend request from me on FB and we'll coordinate from there. I'll order them and have them shipped to you...
  3. I think you do a really good Job Mike, I Watched a few of your videos and loved them all, nice use of panning from segment to segment and a great selection of music for sure. Very interesting watching the molding planer, I looked that up and ended up watching a couple of videos from Woodmaster on the making of the knives for those, nice water jet they have, a customer of mine owns a company called Atlanta Die and has a serious water jet as well, he cuts the platens I use on my printer with it. Still would like to see if you could make wooden trophy discs for me, and round wood mini markers would be very popular in disc golf, watching you cut the circles in the belt sander roll holder made me think of that again. Thanks for sharing... Dave
  4. BigLag has requested info on this and as a lot of the images got deleted on the cleanup here is the original set of pictures I took during the build. NIKON D50 - 0335_2.zip Certified Virus free...
  5. Hey guys & gals. I mentioned while back that I had gotten a Camp Chef cast iron pizza pan around the holidays. I've had quite a few pizza cooks with it since then and want to give a quick review. It really has changed my pizza cooking completely, its much much simpler and easier to use than superheating stones on my smoker and simply produces much better results all in a kitchen oven at 375 degrees. One of the things I really really like about it being able to add in a thin layer of peanut oil as I would do if I was cooking cornbread. I'll let that sink in a bit and let you imagine what that does to crust but trust me it is absolutely delightful and simply produces the best pizza crust I have ever had hands down and my friends who have had it agree as well. Here are some pics of my past cook. I basically heat the oven to 375, add a thin layer of peanut oil, heat the pan with the oil for about 15 minutes and then cook the pizza at 15-20 minutes depending on how much stuff you have on it and remove it and do another. ] I highly recommend one of these and giving it a try and yes its a great corn bread pan as well!!! Dave
  6. Wow Rich! Scary stuff for sure, glad you are ok. My BIL had the same thing and went into cardiac as he was entering the emergency room and they basically said if he had been anywhere else he would not be alive... Take it easy...
  7. That is awesome Shelly, congrats! Nice to see you post again for sure, you are missed around here... Dave
  8. I'll have to try it. I placed in the top ten 5 out of 5 years in the early 90's at the Stone Mountain wing cookoff using ABC. I tried many a Chinese chili sauce back in those days and always came back to ABC... Dave
  9. I've used rooster sauce many times over the years, its good, ABC Tropical Chili Sauce blows it away in my humble opinion... Dave
  10. Hey Mike, pretty much looking at the exact same area as the other shots... I'm back at it next week, the backlog is already building... Dave
  11. Sunrise this morning...
  12. We don't need no gas grills here. Well except to put the Weber Smokey Joe on so we can cook some steaks Bluesin style... Enjoying the week at St. George Island Florida...
  13. Hey Ron, St. George Island Florida... That was that system that came through Texas and on up east... Dave
  14. Lead clouds to a system that came in under another system. One minute the wind was coming in from the sea and the next minute literally it was heading directly out... Here is the line of the clouds moving out under the other one. Rained like hell for about 3 hours afterward...
  15. At the beach on vacation this week. Stormy and rainy today... Dave