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  1. Looks Great - nice job
  2. Looks good.... That would hit the spot with me RIGHT NOW. Thanks for posting.
  3. I have made a decision... Right or Wrong. Between the time I made my first post about 2 hrs ago and the three responses you each made, I went out and installed the grate without the flame tamers in place and fired up the grill. The heat seemed to be more even and the no flame squares did seem to be high enough from the unprotected flame for it to not be a problem coming up thru the holes in the squares. I am going to cook for our guests without the flame tamers in place. If everything burns up, I will have a honey baked ham in reserve. Thanks for all of your fast responses. I will follow up with the results in a few days... Thanks again
  4. I have purchased and received the grate and the no flare squares. It looks like there are two schools of thought on this. "Old_Grouch" is leaving the flame tamers in place, and "Flomaster" is removing them. Is there a difference in preformance? "Old_Grouch" have you tried removing the flame tamers and lowering the grate to the level of the ledge that the flame tamers sat on? This looks like it would place the no flare squares about 1/2 way between the flame and the cooking surface, but you would not have the tamers. Would it make a difference? "Flomaster" have you noticed any difference without the flame tamers? I would try it both ways myself. However, we are having some folks over on Wed and I will not have enough time for two seperate trial cookings. Maybe I should play it safe and not change anything until after.
  5. Did you keep the maker and model number for this lava rock grate? I like the look of what you have done. If you no longer have the box can you put me in touch with the grill store? Great job.... Thanks,
  6. I particularly like the orange handle spatula.
  7. Looks GREAT! I could eat them all Thanks for the pics.
  8. When I asked the question, it was not for me, but for a family member who wanted some for a deer camp application. I agree with all of you about the pop up kind being other than reliable. Sometimes with deer camp cooking, the amount of libations consumed cause these little pop ups to become more reliable than "Billy Bob" on the loose with a digital remote check thermometer. I also use a Maverick "Remote Check" Model ET-7 myself. As always I value each response posted... Thanks
  9. Thanks, These were not for me. They were for a family member. I do have one of those digital Timer/Temp thermometers. Mine even has a remote so you can go about other things and check your temp remotely. Too fancy for me... . I'm already educated beyond my intelligence.
  10. Hello all you Cookers, Where did you get those little plastic pop-up thermometers. Sometimes these come already stuck in a turkey or chicken etc. I have noticed they are sometimes different colors and lengths. I have been looking for a source for these. Thanks
  11. Allen, Your rotisserie chicken looks great. Where did you get the pop-up thermometer. I noticed in the pic. I have been looking for a source for these. Thanks
  12. Sean, Try turning off thr propane tank then take off the regulator. Now turn on full every knob on the grill for a few min. Hopefully, this will allow the regulator to reset. Now hook everything back up and try it again. Good Luck.
  13. Your Gumbo also sounds great, I'll be watching for some pics..
  14. I've never used mustard either but your results look so good, I think I'll give it a try...