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  1. I do this -- except I bought the iron skillet from weber so it fits exactly where one set of grates used to be. I do not set it on the burners.. and it has a nice clean look. However - I just crank up all the burners to high and that grill will get up into the 600-700 range.. then I turn down the heat under the cast iron to 50%, and all other burners go off - and brown my steaks on both sides (if you leave it full blast it tends to blacken the meat). Once brown I move the steaks to the middle of the grill - close the top (so it is now like an oven at 250) and let them cook until I get the internal temp. Hope that helps
  2. How is everyone? It's been a while - but great to see the forum alive with lots of topics. So the bottom of my box (the part where the burners go into) on my 650 started to rust. Called Weber and they replaced it for free a few months later there is a huge crate on a pallet in my driveway. It is the bottom of the grill box.. I take the grill apart and put in the replacement and notice that on the back of the box there are about 9 indents spaced 4-5" apart... I say to myself.. Ahhhh they finally changed the design so that the water does not roll into the drip tray And indeed the water in the drip tray issue is GONE!! So - the other day I was at the store and wandered over to the grills and wished that I had the 670 with the sear station in the middle and noticed that the smoker box is back (for some reason I thought they took that out at one period of time).. I went to the back of the grill and it looks like the replacement they sent me. So Now I am thinking to myself... 1) could I order a new set of burners, a dial, and a face plate and convert my 650 into a 670? 2) I have a NG model so I'm not worried about propane hookups location etc. What do you guys think? I did a search but could not come up with anything.. but I may not have been searching for the right thing.
  3. I have some questions: 1) How was the smoke level? does it come close to anything you could do outside? 2) How much liquid did you have to add to the smoker? 3) Did you smoke the meat first, then turn on the pressure cooker to finish it off. I have a pressure cooker and use it a ton in the fall / winter. Thanks for sharing & the pics (if you use XP, an easy way to rezize pictures is to download Power Toys: Image Resizer from Microsoft) the link is below.. or you can just google it http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/windows-xp All you have to do is right click on a picture and hit resize (medium should do the trick), then upload the resized picture.. it works great!
  4. I finally got a chance to make the smoked nuts.. A month or so ago I went to a restaurant supply warehouse and was trying to find a mesh basket. I walked around and found a large fry basket, the guy was nice enough to take it outside and cut off the handle, and tack weld it back together. So, we did a mixture of raw nuts - Almonds, Brazil, and Cashews... they all came out great!! We loved eating them at midnight when they were still warm (we let them smoke for a good 4 hours).. the pork was still going but the nuts came off (didn't want them to burn) I ended up using my rib rub as my seasoning, but the franks is the key Thanks gor giving me this idea, every time that smoker goes on - I'm going to load that basket up with as many nuts as it will hold
  5. Another vote for the Summit.. to me it is like saying do I want to buy a Porsche that is 4 years old or a new Acura. While the Acura is new.. the Porsche will always have that "wow" factor and more under the hood... so for the $$ the Summit is all Stainless, has more room, Side burner, rotis, has tons of power. I wouldn't even hesitate - take the Summit!!
  6. After I salt my steaks, let them sit for a while - I use a paper towel and absorb the excess moisture. Then I drizzle them with Canola or corn oil (these have high flash points). Then I put them onto the grill... there realy isn't a huge flare up with the oil - you get a nice kiss of flame at most. I feel the light oil barrier helps to crust the meat - especially since I removed the moisture from the surface. you will get a darker / crisper exterior.
  7. I have a S650 and I use a grill mat... the drippings from your utensils are what you have to worry about. It will stain your concrete, wood, or pavers. now if you don't care about what is under your grill (I used to have my old grill on a concrete slab that was well aged - you could never tell the grease spots from the dark colored slab) now I use TWO of these under my grill "original" Grill Pad I have been using these for 3+ years now - they are not light - they are like a textured concrete pad.
  8. I have a 6 burner unit, so if I have everything on HI for 10-15 minutes I'm getting up there.. and if I put my cast iron griddle in there.. the temp on that sucker can hit 900+ degrees.
  9. I was one of the few people that had the un-coated cast iron grates in my old genesis about 3 or so years ago. I bought them at HD, took good care of them (seasoned them, would treat rust spots quickly) and man those things were the best! They were heavy, would retain tons of heat for searing, cooking, etc. Each grate weighed a ton. I remember a few years ago Weber discontinued making them. The rep told me there was a love / hate relationship with them.. some people loved them and knew how to take care of them.. other people hated them because they would rust and never seasoned them properly. But honestly, even with constant seasoning - the part where I would cook on most often always had to be wire brushed to get the rust off. So Weber decided to improve the PCI grates and get the best of both worlds.. but honestly the new grates do not have as much mass as the old grates. The SS grates on my 650 are nice and heavy, and do a decent job retaining heat - but nothing comes close to a real heavy cast iron griddle or grates.
  10. I've been using a nice 15" SS grill brush with scraper for the past couple of years. It has not rusted, still looks nice, the bristles are holding up very well (bla bla bla).. Well it does a great job when you burn off the food from the last cook out, and then you quickly brush away the white ash. now (If you are like me) - and you have your Weber cranking in the 700 - 800 range or using a cast iron griddle, and need to clean the grill in between cook times, then as my arms will attest, the old brush just was not doing a good job. So off I went to find a SS grill brush, with a long handle, good quality, that will clean between the grates, scour a cast iron griddle quickly, and not rust. So I came across the Weber 6424 21-Inch T-Brush - my first impression was that this looks like a toilet brush, it is not as "sexy" looking as the other grill brushes, and with the plastic handle and scrawny wire like construction - this thing would not work. So for $11 I picked one up from my local Home Labyrinth and gave it a try - I love this brush!! I have been using it for 3 months now: 1) stored outside and no rust 2) the bristles are in a barber pole design so they almost wrap around the grate as you clean it 3) the "scrawny" wire construction, is good because the handle has a nice flex to it as you are cleaning 4) the long head allows you to get into corners on my griddle, on the side of the grill etc. 5) long enough to do some serious cleaning when my griddle and grill is throwing off 900degree heat (no more burnt arm hair) 6) even the GF agrees that it is a nice brush and gets the job done with ease Just wanted to share with you guys!!
  11. First off: great pics - I felt like I was there with you at 4am...and trust me I've been there either putting it on, or taking food off Looks like a great feast. What are those oversized ABT's? I assume the B stands for Bacon.
  12. Free download Martha Stewart - Summer Grilling Cookbook 2011 I downloaded the 2010 cookbook last year and it was not half bad.. found 1 or 2 good recipes from some realy good chefs (I even ended up buying one of their books, I liked their recipes that much) This downloads into a pdf - so you can print out what you like [L=Summer Grilling Cookbook 2011]http://www.siriusxm.com/marthastewartlivingradio[/L] Just in time for Memorial Day Grilling
  13. man those look good nice story those pictures tell -- where's the empty plate at the end of the meal
  14. That is one big pizza - reminds me of those 50 slice pizzas I would get in college from Pudgie's but I'm sure it is just the angle of the picture - did you roll out the dough onto the grates? or use the sheet pan? Looks great - nice browning in the cheese!! Love that. I think home made dough is so much better - I am a thin crust guy
  15. next time I'm by Gander Mt. I'll have to make sure I pick up a box / bag. Thanks for the intel