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  1. Thank you so much Mike - you are a great friend to all the BBQ Source Forums brothers (and sisters)! Today has been nice and quite, so it's been a good birthday I don't mind 59 but 60 may be a different story - hopefully, I'll let you know. Time for some birthday wine! Thanks again Mike! Bob
  2. Hi All - Here's an update on this topic. Looks like RFD-TV and Time Warner Cable have reached a distribution agreement. Don't know how soon it will start airing or in what TWC cities. Here's the press release from RFD-TV: http://www.rfdtv.com/Press/Releases/HTML/Time_Deal.asp
  3. Hey Mike - Man, your garden looks great. It is going to be a wonderful supplier of foods for the grill! Around here, growing things usually doesn't work out too well. Mrs. Uncle Bob (aka Da Boss) has a Black Thumb - bless her heart, the only thing she can't kill are weeds! I'm not alot better myself, but I have had some pretty luck with herbs grown in pots. Here's a photo of my little herb garden: From left to right: Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Flat Leaf Parsley, Sweet Basil They have all been doing great this year and the best part is that they are less then 20 feet from my grilling area! Ready to go whenever needed. Thanks for letting me share my Mini-Herb garden.
  4. Hey Mike Man, you are killin' me here! That London Fog sandwich looks wonderful! Leftovers are great things aren't they - some of my best dishes started with leftovers Thanks for sharing Mike (and for making me hungry).
  5. Hi all - I stumbled across this outdoor/BBQ cooking show on TV this past Saturday called "Cowboy Flavor" (on DIRECTV Ch. 345, 4:30pm Eastern). It's also on Dish Network and several Cable systems. Lots of good recipes, using a number of outdoor cooking methods and equipment. All in all, a pretty entertaining show - just wanted to give a heads up to the Forum. Here's a link to their website: http://www.cowboyflavor.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc
  6. What a great idea for a new forum - Thanks! Here's my grillin' girl Lucy. She's my 65 lb lap dog and best friend in the whole world!
  7. Hi aszatk01 Welcome to the BBQ Source Forums - glad to have you onboard! You can probably tell from my Grilling Equipment list below that I'm a pretty big Weber fan (no, I don't work for them or sell them, but I wish I did!) Maybe I'm alittle set in my ways or "old school" but I'd take any Weber over a cheaper "fancy new IR" any day of the week. My opinion: Do yourself a favor and buy the Weber. I don't think you'll be sorry.
  8. Welcome to the BBQ Source Forums - glad you joined us. Also, welcome to Weber Nation! I agree with LogicBomB's method - you will get great burgers this way. I would add two ideas to consider: 1 - Using 80/20 ground beef is a good balance of meat to fat for burgers. 2 - Let your patties warm up to room temperature before putting them on the grill - they'll cook more evenly.
  9. Make that three thumbs up for Weber's Big Book of Grilling. I'm with you Mike - it's the first book I reach for too. An excellent resource.
  10. Hi All - FYI - I was at the Lowes in Matthews, NC yesterday (2-14-09) and they had four Jenn-Air 4 burner drop ins close out priced at $299.00 (I believe there were 2 LP and 2 NG models). Their phone number is (704) 321-7170. Great price on a wonderful grill. I'd love to get one but Mrs. Uncle Bob (aka Da Boss) really would kill me this time!
  11. Hey Brad - First off, Welcome to BBQ Source Forums - we'll glad you joined our merry little band of grilling nuts! Your new outdoor kitchen is looking great. Looking forward to seeing the future progress on your project.
  12. Hey Rick - Now the fun start.! You are now a member of Weber Nation! Let us all know how everything is working out with your new "friend"; pictures would be nice (hint, hint).
  13. Hey Kevin - 50/50 - OK, that's sounds good to me; thanks a bunch!. And hey, don't worry, your BBQ Source Forums brothers would never ask for medical bill payments (usually).
  14. Hi k - First off, Welcome to the BBQ Source Forums - we're glad to have you onboard. Thanks for the Wing Sauce recipe and your entertaining post. This sauce sound great and I'm going to give it a try. So how much Sriracha sauce would you recommend using if I'd like to lose pretty much all feeling in my lips by around the 8th wing?
  15. Five here too Mike: (2) gas grills (propane) (2) kettle (charcoal) (1) tabletop (charcoal) I'm trying to talk Mrs. Uncle Bob (aka da Boss) into a propane tabletop (like a small Weber Q) but so far no luck. I'll keep trying (it's only a matter of time 'till she says "Get whatever you want; just leave me along!"). I do have a way with women!