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  1. At this point, rather than re-uploading them, is there an html tag I can put before and after it?
  2. Thanks, I didn't think of using the full editor. Thanks for the picture advice, this is the first time I've tried attaching them directly through the forum, I just assumed it would automatically resize to keep bandwidth down... 1. Yes, I would compare it to ribs from my MES... 2. It comes with it's own cup, looks like the max is a little under one cup... 3. No, it's all inclusive, set it and forget it...
  3. Be careful what you wish for
  4. Inspired by Improv, I decided to take some step by step photos so you can see how this works. This device sells around $150 shipped at QVC.com (tax and shipping will vary) Empty chip box Filled chip box Cover on chip box Bottom rack and rack stand Second rack Country ribs on second rack Edit...Can someone tell me how to resize these super jumbo photos?
  5. Actually, mods/blue, if there's anyway you could change my title from "cooker" to "smoker" that may improve visibility of search engine searches...I can't believe I put cooker...
  6. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Wanted to test the smoker to see what I was up against...Basically the ribs had no intention of wanting to keep it's shape when touched. I am not exaggerating when I say...If you lay out rib bones, then put pulled pork over them in the shape of the ribs, this is what these ribs were like. Basically, each fiber was completely separate from it's neighbor. I think next time I'll try two half rack, do one for 30mins and the other for 45mins.
  7. It has an electric element that burns the chips; the holder sits at the bottom of the unit. Additionally, when you have something that releases a lot of juices such as a pork butt, the liquid submerges the chip holder and chips and even the bottom portion of the butt...I'm not sure about how burning submerged chips can transfer smoke through liquid...But the end result is a smokey flavor. I may open the thing and remove most of the liquid every 20mins next time just to see what happens...I assume it would increase the flavor. It's coming, I know it won't be dry
  8. Outstanding platescaping skills you got there
  9. This is the only home-use one I'm aware of that smokes, you really put in woodchips and it really adds smoke flavor...
  10. This electric pressure smoker is on sale from QVC for roughly $150 shipped depending on your sales tax rate. If anyone wants to know why I own this compared to other outdoor smokers, it's because I live in a high rise apartment and can't have an outdoor smoker. I cooked this 3.40lb boston butt slice for a 99mins (unit max), checking (which breaks the seal and retards the cooking process) twice at a remaining 55mins and 25mins; final temp when done was 206f. As most of you know, most BBQ joints including the elite joints or even competition presentations smoke a butt, pull and add a liquid "dressing"...I have been very familiar with my pork butts in the past and decided to try this method dry... Scale of 1 to 10...10 Being the most Pull-ability: 7 Crust: 2 Moisture level: 10 Flavor: N/A (white pork tasted more flavorful while the dark pork tasted less flavorful)
  11. Gorgeous dog
  12. http://www.hammacher.com/Product/79504?source=FROOGLE http://a248.e.akamai.net/f/248/9086/1h/s7d...=0&qlt=90,1 Very interesting concept. Shelly got me hooked on an electric pressure cooker which is basically a crock pot on steroids cooking fast and very tasty. But smoking quickly is an interesting concept. It's limited in size, only 4lbs of foods at a time, but it'll smoke a piece of brisket or pork shoulder in an hour. So anytime you have a BBQ fix. I think I'll ask for this for XMas.
  13. I might have to give this a try....
  14. Looks great! First time I've seen it done by the grill. Most people don't realize that even the dough/crust differs greatly from regular pizza. I really like it although it's common to have large tomato chunks in the sauce which I dislike. I generally ask if they have no chunk sauce
  15. Besides the TOXIC WEEDS, looks great