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  1. Welcome to the forum, I agree with tubby & mathews, good place to start, the move up. Read the forums, ask questions, etc... Smoke food, post "food porn" and get experience. Enjoy ! Scott
  2. Yeah I agree with Tubby, you NEED an exhaust source. I've got a covered outdoor kitchen with skylights and one skylight opens whenever I think I need to exhaust smoke, etc... Your local building codes with probably discourage you from any kind of combustion source inside a "structure". Good luck anyway and enjoy the smoke. Scott
  3. You may be a "newbie" but that looks great and tasty too.......... ! Welcome to the forum Scott
  4. I have shoveled twice but it was back 2 weeks ago and my grill area is covered, the wind blew in a bunch of snow, but so what, I grill year-round Cheers, Scott
  5. I used the 1' x 1' granite tiles, I live in upstate NY too. It should hold out for a longtime. I think where you're at its up to you, weather won't be an issue. Good luck with your project. Get pics when you can. Happy Holidays ! & Merry Christmas too ! Scott
  6. Looks great !
  7. Fast direct on the grill, thats how I do my flanks. Just watch the time it won't take long to cook, the evoo will be fine I use it all the time and red wine (Merlot or Cab) too with all that other stuff you mentioned. Good luck, Scott
  8. I've never done a tri-tip, but I would just monitor it with a thermometer and keep temps steady at 225-250. As far as preparing, use a rub or insert garlic cloves and spices or nothing at all, good luck next time ! Scott
  9. Congrats, it looks like a cook book with out text ! Looks great ! Scott
  10. Everything looks really good, the food, the grill .......... enjoy !
  11. Thanks, but I'm gonna send you some to evaluate and get me an estimate for a run of a couple hundred bottles or so.... I'll be in touch, Scott P.S. - I did have it tested at Nelson Farms (pH) and it was fine too.....
  12. Yeah sure, PM me your address & I'll send some to you. I've had pretty good repsonses form those who have tried it. Now that summer is almost over & school starts Wed., I can spend more time in the kitchen refining it and getting a sample off to Cornell, etc........ Scott
  13. Yeah it is a well involved process. Additionally the formula needs to go to food science lab, I'm working on my sauce through Cornell, up here in upstate NY. Will let you know how things go. Good luck to all who are venturing into this. Scott
  14. Welcome to the forum ! Looks like you've been doing this for a while, great pics keep 'em coming. Cheers, Scott
  15. Nice grill marks, was heat on high ? (any oil or butter used ?) Sorry have to make a comment on Buzz Light Year plate - what could you call this steak ? "A Buzz Cut Steak " Looks great, sure it tasted good ! Scott